Monday, December 12, 2016

Who Are You Jeremy Crow?

Well for those of you who didn't know, I just spent the past week on a cruise ship. I spent that week basically alone. I went on excursions alone, I went to most of the shows alone, and watched the dive in movies alone. Yes most of the time I ate alone, and walked the halls of the ship alone. Yes it was a seven day lesson on learning to enjoy my own company, but on the brighter side I learned rather quickly how to be alone and more importantly how to enjoy being alone. That's basically the extent of my bad news because it was mostly good news.

I learned not only how to be alone, but I also learned that many people enjoy my company. Of course as I write this I can imagine that many people who read my words would assume that I am charming or even popular. If I am to be completely honest, I am moderately charming and can attract people to me. On bowling night for example, most of the teams do like playing me, and it isn't just because they can really run up the points on me, no it appears that I can be the life of the party. This is what I learned on the ship. I could actually find a booth in one of the clubs, sit alone for a short period of time, and find myself sitting at a packed booth where people would immediately take the empty spots because it became the "cool" place to be. My sarcasm and passive aggressive nature is not only a cry for help, but also an enjoyable experience for others. Who knew?

Of course since I have been back, I have found it to be a harsh taste of reality. It is a lot harder to just "up and leave" a sad situation and go find a happier one. There were plenty of happier ones on the ship, and just a lot of snow, and very little places to just go in and fit in here. I will probably end up pretty depressed by the end of this week, but then after my procedure on Friday, I should be able to just squeeze back into work where I am at least popular and needed again. It will probably be a long week ahead so bear with me.

Foe anyone wondering I do have a lot of great pictures, they just happen to be buried in among all of the boring pictures I also took. I saw two sets of Mayan ruins. One is on the list of the seven man made wonders of the modern world (Chichen-Itza) in Mexico but the one that was a lot more enjoyable was Lamanai in Belize. I also had a great time at Roatan where I went to a very large wildlife preserve to play with monkeys and exotic birds. Unfortunately all of my pictures that I took of the Grand Cayman Islands didn't come out. Mostly chickens because I was totally fascinated with all the wild chickens.

Throughout this entire experience I have found some hope anyway. I will be looking forward to my next cruise, and trust me folks, there will be a next cruise in my future. At the very least I can say I went from someone who would never really take any time out of my day to look forward to a vacation to someone who now knows better. I know know better on an awful lot of things, and I will be spending some time between depression sessions over the next week, trying to put all of those in order too. Have a great week gang.