Saturday, October 22, 2016

Overseas Call Center Reality

Well, you'll forgive me if I take a break from my three usual Life Whacko topics to deal with a life topic that I don't think many people put much thought into. Starved for things to over-analyze I realized a few things when I was on the phone with my company's tech support the other day. You should thank your lucky stars that you have Indians to talk to instead of what America has to offer.

Yes, in today's day and age, where we have the political season raging, such important topics as, eating the rich, punishing the rich, and the loss of American jobs, I realized something that most people won't admit. We are damn lucky they sent tech support overseas, and I have some pretty good examples of it, and of course my usual over-analysis of the examples. Buckle your seat belt, this will be a bumpy ride.

If you are talking bout tech support or customer support you are dealing with two distinct criteria which have nothing to do with what the reality of the matter is. I called Verizon to cancel an account for one of my co-workers the other day (the worst part of my job is dealing with Verizon) and after over 20 minutes of press this button, hold that button, enter your code followed by the pound sign, I finally got a good old fashioned American voice on the other end. Aside from the south western accent, I could tell it was an American because she was rude and probably under-educated. Definitely one or the other, but I am thinking both. By the end of the call I was missing all of the press this, enter that and hold for the operator that the computer voice had been giving me. Verizon, Comcast and many other ginormous companies operate in this fashion. The "make it painful to call us" approach to doing business.

This of course made me ponder the call I made to India to get tech support on my computer at work. Of course there was a small language barrier, but the person on the other end tried to be helpful, was well informed, and basically seemed happy to have the job. The Verizon worker appeared to be none of these things. It's funny how these things work, but there may be a chance that people in this country have been trained by the people in power that certain jobs are to be hated, and we are always supposed to feel that we are being taken advantage of just for doing them. I know one thing I learned this week, my "life" lesson so to say. When I become a bazillionaire, and have to open up some sort of customer service and / or tech support, the chances are pretty good that I will be looking to the people that treat my customers the best, and yes that means I may have to go overseas. Can you hear me now?