Monday, August 8, 2016

Google is Actually Out to Get Me

I started using Microsoft Edge this week for common things that I require to do on Google, instead of Chrome, because I have had it up to my eyeballs with the hang ups and the BS that Chrome gives me when I try to use Blogger. "Why in the world could this be, since Blogger is owned by Google and so is Chrome?" one may ask themselves. You would even go as far as to assume that they would work great together, and apparently they do not. I got the reason why, because my wife fortunately pays more attention to technology news than I do. Go figure.

Apparently last year (September to be exact) Google decided that the Chrome browser no longer needed to support NPAPI which is a major part of Java applications. Worse than this it is a major part of BLOGGER applications, so as time goes on the very applications that our friends at Google create to support it's own blog sites are what are crashing it. The windows to create blogs or share blogs would hang up forever. Well only if you use the Chrome browser, or Chrome OS. This is a very stupid thing to do in my opinion but who would really know about these things considering that most information on the internet is sorted and filtered by Google? It reminds me that sometime last March the plus system stopped working between Google + and Blogger, and has made a lot of us pretty miserable, while Google does nothing about it.

Why would I be putting this in a "Life Whacko" blog instead of a "Tech Whacko" blog? Well this is more about a life lesson than it is about bragging about what a smarty farty I am. Lately my time has had such a premium on it, that it is frustrating when my time gets wasted. The life lesson involved is that I need only remember one of my favorite mottos "In God's time NOT mine," which reminds me that my blogging is a blessing and not a curse. When I treat it like a job and not a hobby then I end up miserable, while if I stay steady on the path that it is a hobby, then I need only remember that a hobby only needs fulfillment when your obligations are already met. It doesn't mean that I should flip my lid because my favorite online community and my favorite blogging platform are broken. It also doesn't mean that I have to look at it with rage either.

On that note, my obligations have been so many lately that I have been working too much. I could be crabby about that too, but it has all been an investment in my potential. With every problem that my job seems to trow at me these days there always seems to come a solution. Even better the solution makes me stronger for the same old problems as they pop up, often apparently. Life can be humorous even when it seems painful and I have had a heck of a lot more stop and laugh moments than stop and cry moments. Even when I watch everyone around me stop and cry. I have better things to do with my time after all than get upset over things that are simply normal and out of my control.