Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tales of an Overworked Whacko

As I sit here, about to start another crazy day of classes I look back on the last 11 years of my life (or basically the amount of time I have been keeping a blog) and am pretty stunned. Now keep in mind that 11 years ago I was 35 years old, which many would tell you is about the time you have settled into what will be your "life" and as I sit here typing this I am well, yes basic math would tell you 46. To keep in mind that I was "between" jobs at the time, although working for the same company I do now, I really didn't have a place to call home within it, thanks to the traumatic back injury I had suffered. I was still several months away from what I would have thought would be my permanent position in life as a janitor.

The first few years of my blogging was based on my injuries, how I was dealing with them, and my family, and of course the job that I truly hated at the time.It wasn't a bad job once I got used to it, and it wasn't all that bad of a life but unfortunately I was used to it as well. As a matter of fact for 7 years It was my life. my job, my normal, and I can't exactly say that anything about it changed aside from people, places and things around me. Now don't get me wrong I was always reasonably dependable and people did rely on me for things, mostly keeping things clean at work and keeping people fed at home. It wasn't really a life it was an existence, but it was my existence and as many would attest, at the time I made it colorful and entertaining.

Around the time I met my current wife, broadcasting my existence, colorful or not took a back seat to being a little more responsible. A house entered the mix and with that a mortgage, and of course the collapse of my family. My job went through a series of flux, when people at work accidentally came across the fact that I was a lot more competent and qualified for work outside of the janitor's closet. I did my best anyway and as it turns out my best was a lot more than what they had expected, and in turn an extremely large promotion for which I deserved in effort and probably not so much in experience. Of course as is usually the case I became more than what anyone would have expected. I'm now of course around 43 which as most people would tell you is a bit past where you are expanding your horizons right?

Well back to while I sit here, I am working 12 hour days this week, because while I am taking classes to broaden the next generation of my job positioning, I also happen to be the person who is best trusted with keeping control of the place while everyone else is in school. I come in I open up all of the classrooms, as people fill in I am taxed with setting up everything that everyone needs to succeed in these experiments then have enough time to do my actual job, before sitting in class for eight hours to learn the new one. It's tiring, it's time consuming, and it leaves me with little time for anything else, but I can do it, and that is all that matters. Don't settle for ordinary folks, it never did me any good.