Monday, June 6, 2016


Well folks, I am here to discuss a very serious issue in the life of most normal individuals, and many who could be classified as abnormal. It is one of the four major food groups and without it blogging would be nearly impossible. Yes folks it is the topic of coffee, and the various trials and tribulations that face a serious coffee drinker. I am after all a very serious coffee drinker.

Since I have recently cut back to two pots a day there are various other options that must be kept open. The paraphernalia that a serious coffee drinker requires must be kept in tip top condition. No what you are looking at in the photograph above is NOT properly maintained coffee drinking paraphernalia. Actually what is shown above is the act of cruelty of someone who doesn't completely understand the "art" of drinking coffee, especially when you have cut back to a mere two pots a day. As my wife had stated when she viewed my standard coffee drinking paraphernalia (complete with a once enviable 1/4 inch layer of flavor enhancer) she had never been more ashamed of me, and then she cleaned it out. I refrained from telling her the dozen or so times that she was far more ashamed of me than this time, I withheld that information because I wasn't in the mood to be helpful.

Think of it this way folks, but if you have a really sweet cast iron skillet, what is it that makes the skillet so very sweet? You guessed it, but the years of carbon you have built up on it practically dares the food to stick! The layer of flavor enhancer not only aided the coffee in rolling out of the cup and getting to the pleasure center of your brain, but during those times when you are trying to cut back (around the time you slip below three pots a day) a simple run of your index finger along the inside of your cup will give you the needed bolt when you rub the flavor enhancer along your gums. Any uninformed coffee drinker would scoff at this practice but this is what separates the professionals from the amateurs!

With that said I am sitting here drinking my "Intense Bold" in that clean cup above. Despite the fact that the coffee tastes a little better (a trick if ever there was one) it is going to take me months to get my paraphernalia back to the way that it works best for me. Don't get me started on how the pot looks right now, equally devoid of flavor enhancer to the point where the cold water makes the thing look frosted (the shame as I walked through the maintenance department with a gleaming clean pot aside) I begin day one of the new legacy of coffee nirvana. It's going to be a four pot day at least.