Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Horrible Thing to Wish on a Human Being

If you have known me long enough you have probably encountered a bad period in your life where I would say "life is a horrible thing to wish on a human being, but God seems to think we have what it takes to do it." It's a simplistic view of the tough nut that most of us face when life just doesn't go the way we would like it to. It's not fair, but it is real, and despite what I or anyone else thinks there isn't a single person alive that hasn't had a tough period of some sort. We just all have varying degrees of what is and is not a tough patch.

As life would have it, I have been having a tough patch. My selfish nature of course tells me that it is all about me (well it is of course) but unfortunately for my center of the universe status, a lot of times bad things happen and I just happen to be in the vicinity. Sometimes things aren't really that bad at all, you just have to look at it from all angles and decide whether or not it is a game changer or not. My life does have a few game changers going on, but again it all depends on what game you are playing and how you are doing in the game. If you are winning the game and all of a sudden you are not, then that is one way it can change (or at least that is how we tend to look at all game changers) but sometimes you are losing and the game changes in the other direction too.

Unfortunately there are also the times when the game is stagnant. You are on your seventy fifth game of tic-tac-toe, every last one has been a stalemate, and you start to think that a change in either direction is welcome. Sure you would like to win, but losing and admitting defeat will be equally as welcome because you are just sick of playing tic-tac-toe. Something has to give and sometimes it is worthy to note that someone is just willing to leave the game, and despite what you happen to think, it probably isn't your game to finish, but their own. Whether it is a pet, a parent, a friend or unfortunately as life is a horrible thing to wish on a human being, it could be all of those at once. The important thing for me to remember (and take it for what it is worth on your end) is that God still thinks I can handle the game and has left me on the board.

No matter what remember this, God don't make junk ....