Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Here a Click There a Click

Today I had to block another idiot. I don’t talk about this because there is a certain level of attention that is being given to the person who deserves no attention, but then again sometimes I just want to write about something even if it is a taboo object. Most people probably don’t even know that I block at least one person a week, because it really doesn't matter. It also should be something that people in the online world should be prepared to do, and for a myriad of reasons. In my case it is always the same reason, the idiot that finds my page, decides they don’t like me and are going to go through all of my posts and place an insulting reply. I even let them do it once or twice, get it out of their system, and sooner or later they aren't getting the negative attention they want and they ramp up.

The first thing anyone should do in this situation is logically look at the ratio of like/hate that you get which even in the case of someone like myself that gets one or two trolls a week, it is usually because of the dozens of legitimate fans that I do have. You can go over to the person’s profile to see what their issue is and almost always the first thing you notice is that almost nobody follows them. Go figure, but the first thing to remember when you place them in the “out of sight out of mind” pile is that they have lost what little entertainment that they had. They were miserable to begin with of course and there is no reason to let that affect you. I have even heard it said that negative attention is the only attention that they receive, but for the love of God don’t let it become the only attention that others see you receive too.

I imagine the first reaction a lot of the time is to point out to the troll that if they don’t like what you post, don’t read it, but this of course is like daring your college buddy not to drink themselves silly. We know how it ends and the result will ruin your night every bit as much as theirs. Actually they will probably get over it a lot quicker than you will. In general, I have learned unfortunately that we go through life forgetting the millions of wonderful people that we meet, while the butt reaming assholes we have encountered are burned into our minds. A lot of this has more to do with the fact that we don’t eliminate them from our lives before they leave scars. Learning to just block a douche bag lets you forget about the person and move on to the wonderful people that we neglect.

Then of course we have the real fear that anyone who conducts themselves online truly fears. Whether you are a blogger, a webmaster, an app developer, a celebrity or you simply want to live vicariously as if you were one of these people, the end of it all usually comes with the cyber stalker. Yes that person that goes batshit crazy because you haven’t accepted their poor opinion of you. People that will create hundreds of profiles just to “get you” but I am here to let you in on a little secret. Nobody is really that important. Even the total nut job that can trash the comments section of 100 posts an hour, must be a little disheartened to see it all vanish with the click of a “block” and even if they are a bit stubborn, and want to ramp it all up again, you are just a click away from wasting another hour of their life. They will either get sick of it, or you will start seeing the humor in it. In any regards the most important thing to remember is that nobody will ever be turned away from your stuff because they saw what some idiot posted before you get around to blocking them.