Friday, January 1, 2016

Here's to 2016 Folks

I usually find my calm reflection, whether it is about a day, a week or a year during my morning workouts. There is calm when my mind can wander while my body simply does what it is programmed to do from many years of repetition. This last year was particularly insightful as it pertains to writing because I rose from my own ashes. On December 28, 2014 I sat down and wrote “Just Write Damnit” in “The Life Whacko” which had ended a three and a half year hiatus in writing anything that wasn’t health or political. Of course it had been a couple of years since I wrote anything political and although I would write health items from time to time they were every bit as unpopular as I had become by 2011, when I quit writing. In other words it has been quite a year for a “reborn” blogger.

Now of course people reading this must have just sat through my very long tribute to the Christmas Countdown. The fact that I hadn’t done one in four years at the time I had written my “comeback” blog wasn’t just a coincidence. I had just gone through last year’s crappy Christmas, and writing had been one of the things I had given up as my family life was circling the toilet. I even had to go as far as to delete my blog because of a custody battle that had reinvigorated. One of the advantages that women have is they can neglect their children for as long as they want and get a court case based on having a vagina any time they want. I was sick of doing all the right things and getting crapped on for it, and I washed my hands of it all. Last year visiting my kids at another house on Christmas after all the hell I went through for them. I wanted my voice back, and fuck everyone who didn’t like it.

Well this last year was good. I’ve got my blogging empire back, bigger, better, stronger. Heck I was just looking through the G-Feed while writing this and saw my blogging empire got a review ( and look forward to reading it after I post this. Her blog is so much cooler than mine so I am honored. Where was I? Oh yes this last year I took my destiny to heart, and my wife has been a huge help. She does all my graphics, for my blogs. The year of course ended with my first Christmas Countdown in years and I didn’t feel the weight of the angels of Hell on me as I went and visited my kids on Christmas. I relished in the fact that I got to leave afterwards.

Well my New Year’s resolution this year, or should I say “resolutions” is to wear my glasses more often, and to finally put a stake in my oldest remaining blog. Yes I have already taken all of the posts from Blogaholics Anonymous and integrated them all into The Whacko Blog where they belong. I will be reposting them all so that they get some plusses over the next few months. I will be continuing the growth of the Whacko Empire (insert the sounds of thunder and release the bats muahahahahaha) and I plan on making damn sure that I maintain my status in the G+ world as an extremely helpful dude. Here’s to 2016 folks!