Monday, December 14, 2015

The Jeremy Crow Christmas Countdown 2015: 11 Days

Well that way 2007. I'm sure it might have looked like it was a rotten year, or I bitch a lot but I assure you that was the year that started transforming me into the man I am now. Having to actually be a parent to my own parent is basically a come to Jesus moment for anyone, and I was no different. I was still a bit bitter over my experience in Florida, and I wasn't too happy sending my father back down there gain, but as I tell my wife now, my father is an adult and I treat him as such. He's allowed to make his own decisions.

Somewhere after this my extremely long distance relationship that I kept myself in probably to avoid having to meet people locally finally ended, and I swore off those forever. Then of course I decided that I have the right to change my mind when I met my current wife. I think part of my biggest problem is I don't like anyone around here and that probably proved it. I went on to have a productive year and even continued to blog with a small level of popularity in 2008. It was the usual Christmas Countdown bump, and before the next Christmas Countdown I was blogging less and less.

Now as I am on T minus 11 days until I have to face my family and all the anguish that they bring to me with my own support of course, I need to look at what I am thankful for this year, aside from my wife who I always give credit to. Right after I wrote the last Christmas Countdown article for this year I was told by the plant leader of my job that I would be getting a raise. Of course it isn't enough to compensate for supporting two households, but I don't look a gift horse in the mouth. I am still doing better this year than I was this time last year, when I started blogging with a passion again. Of course as I have eluded to all along blogging is no longer a misery circus, so I kept my tribulations from everyone last year. I learned this in 2007, when I was writing, but didn't put it into practice until I had retired from blogging, and came back.

You see this is what really makes this Christmas Countdown that much more special than all the rest. I may have been more popular in the past. I may have written funnier items, and I may have had a lot more to say, but today I have a tendency to act more my age. I have a tendency to hold back cards for when I need to play them. I also have a tendency to be a hell of a lot more useful to other people without (as I said in the last CC 2015) needing to keep count of my Attaboys and Aweshits, because I don't have to care about those things anymore. That was the greatest gift I managed to give myself for this Christmas, a bullshit filter.