Monday, November 30, 2015

Oblah Dee Oblah Dah

We humans live so vicariously through the stupidest of things. I say this not having completely recovered from this, but having a better grasp of this. I mean if we were to go back say four or five years ago when I was living in my grandmother’s basement, miserable about my very existence, today would have been a lot different than it is. You see humans find happiness in things that matter very little to their life should the world truly work as it is intended. I personally find a bit more happiness in my football team then I probably should. There is hope of course.

You see last night my football team lost for the first time this year. There is a little dejection in waking up and finding this out. Oh yeah I guess I should point out that I ddidn'teven watch the game, was fast asleep long before the game started and woke up after it was over. Some fan I am, but I also figured out over the last few years that a good sleeping pattern is more important to me than my football team too. Don’t get me wrong, if they are on when I am awake I am locked to it and I am eating food that I usually wouldn't brag about given that I write a health blog, but if the game starts at eight? Yeah I am not there. I wish them luck and hit the hay.

Now of course old habits die hard as I woke up this morning, found out they lost, read a couple of articles explaining how they were cheated out of it, and then went about my morning. Yes you see I have responsibilities that don’t exactly bode well for moping around after my team loses. As a matter of fact I may have been a little slower on the uptake, I may have been less smiley than anyone like me who sits in a confused haze until I get a pot of coffee in me is in the morning, but I carried on. I even got everything done in the allotted amount of time I give myself to get everything done before I take off to the gym. This of course is the real test.

Yes, at the gym I was able to look up and see ESPN take its victory laps about my team’s loss. I was a bit on the mopey side at first, but today is lower torso and leg day and I had working out to do. I had an attitude that I needed to obtain because lower torso and leg day is not mine or really anyone else’s favorite day, so already I was behind the eight ball. I opened up my little android app and looked over what I had to do, and then I made a deal with myself. Let’s strap on the cape and boots and become the all powerful Captain Killedit! Yes folks despite all of that living vicariously through my team that I like to do I grabbed onto what I did have control over and I did what I needed to do for something far more important than my football team, ME!.

Now for those that don’t follow all my insipid workout notes that I post to G+ every morning (this was today’s) I completely shredded every old leg record I had. I did 410 lb squats. I did 230 lb dead lifts. I did 630 lb leg presses. I even did 360 lb calf squats. Dude I was completely on fire, and when it was all over and I was dumping a protein shake down my throat, I could have given a crap about my football team. Besides, like I did today they are going to totally kill it next week. Hell I did so great taking care of my business today that I can almost walk without pain and I make hardly any noise when I get up out of my chair. That’s why I figured I better write this today because tomorrow I gonna be in pain. Bring it!