Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Leave it to Beavers

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you when you think you have it mastered. I mean we all seem to have our own way of dealing with the everyday items that can become monotonous, and then it is up to our own personal temperament as to how we deal with the curve balls that get thrown our way. Some drop like a missile and appear to be unnerving and others just hang out there in front of you as if there is a string holding them and waiting for you to park em. Some days there seems to be nothing out of the ordinary to focus your attention on, or perhaps we have just finally seen it all. Of course nothing can get the old sense of random running faster than assuming you have seen it all.

I go on walks throughout the day, and especially days like today when I was at the gym working extra hard on the muscles in my legs. If I don’t get up and do a decent walk every hour or two I will really regret it the next day when all my muscles tighten up. At one time that was quite a curve ball, but now it just seems to hang there, and all I have to do is swing. On my walks through a long path that goes from my office door to a pond about a quarter mile through the woods, I feel I have seen it all. I have seen a long tailed deer with a tail pure white and at least a foot long. I have seen a fisher that looked like it had a fox somewhere in its lineage, because it was redder than dark brown. Its strange trusts me. I have seen porcupines waddle along, coyotes that looked better groomed than my dog at home, and even a moose.

What I don’t understand no matter how hard I try are beavers. I mean I know the Duck Dynasty dad spends most of his life trying to kill the beavers on his property only to look like a bugs bunny villain every time as the beavers outfox, outbreed and outlast all of his efforts. I used to just think it was funny until this new gang of beavers moved in. Yes when you have retention ponds on your industrial property beavers are commonplace, and every few years you have to hire trappers to come get them and move them elsewhere. These beavers don’t appear to care about the trappers, their traps or anything else they have thrown at them. I’m starting to think that they were once here, trapped and found their way back, only to be wiser than the trapper who got them the last time or two.

Then you have the fact that these beavers are up to something that is completely out of the normal. I mean people have denied my findings when I try to explain what they are doing, only to have it proven to them when they go out and look for themselves. There is the usual set of trails going far and wide from the pond, that’s normal. There is the usual trees being felled, but here is where it gets weird. Beavers usually strip all the branches off of fallen trees so that they can build dams with them. They appear to have done that, but at the same time they have cut all of the trees that they have felled into three foot sections and dragged them all into the pond, and for what? I haven’t got a clue. There are fifty some odd of them floating around in the pond for no reason whatsoever. I've taken to jokingly telling people they are building bridges now.

These aren't easy things to drag through the woods either! I mean they weigh quite a bit, and they are dragging them through the wooded, rocky thicket, instead of the big path made for the fire trucks to get down. Then they just leave them floating in the pond, doing nothing but giving the birds something to float on. On second thought maybe I should worry that the birds and the beavers are forming some sort of alliance, and all they need is the underpants gnomes to sign on and then …. World dominance!