Monday, November 2, 2015

Here a Pat There a Pat

Well my rollercoaster week was accentuated by my favorite equipment at the gym being broken, never mind the fact that I had been reminding them for months that it would be broken soon. This wasn’t even the least of it all. The extra things really added up on me. The extra 30 minutes it took to work out. The extra 30 minutes it took me in the morning to get all of my internet stuffs done. The extra time it took me to get any writing done because for some reason my Google account was messed up. The extra time it took to get home from work because of construction. By the end of every day I had about 2 hours less day, and over this last weekend all of the things I had pushed off were just too much.

If you think I am complaining, no I am not. There are pros and cons to being busy. I’m actually important enough to have things that need to be done. There was a time when I wasn’t important enough for anyone to notice if I did anything at all. I actually have a somewhat half assed writing thing going on. There was a time when I had no writing thing at all half or whole assed. What really added up and made such a huge pile that I had to shut off the outside world and just get it all finished were the pile of gym videos that I had been taking for the last few weeks as I was falling behind. Hours and hours it took me to edit these, cut them, create YouTube video and GIF video out of them all, and the 3 to 7 pieces that I got out of every one. There was a time when I had nothing worthy of posting to a YouTube channel.

I actually had to make myself laugh a bit as I was posting a bunch of the YouTube videos this morning in a hurry before I had to run out the door to work. I have made exactly 0$ in ad revenue from all of my gym videos. The most successful of them has 7 Thumbs Up, and I’m not sure if any of them have had 100 views yet. For about 15 seconds I was thinking “Why do I bother?” and a little voice in my head said, “Because you can and there are at least 6 people who watch these things,” which was amusing because 6 people is a great start! In all honesty when I post these YouTube videos to my blogs the blogs make a few dollars a week, and you know what comes next? There was a time when my blogs didn’t make anything. There was also a time when my blogs didn’t get 6 people a day to look at them. I think we all know how that went.

No seriously this blog is just me bragging that I went through a really hard time the last few weeks, I burdened nobody with it, and I came out the other end really well. All of my online crap was fixed today too. Yes you see everyone online that does just about anything, blogging, networking, social networking etc, are all part of a database. It is just a database, whether it is SQL or something more complicated and when that small part of the database that constitutes “YOU” gets corrupted somehow, whether a bad sector on a disk, buggy code, or what not flipping out, complaining or curling up in the fetal position doesn’t fix it. As I always am when I go through any sort of hard time or adventure that isn’t of my choosing and come out the other side good, I’m pretty proud of me, and it’s like getting over a really bad cold, you never felt that good.