Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Losing Ground in the Epic Battle of US vs THEM

Well the army of “US” had an armistice last week (vacation) which meant that the invading army of “THEM” was left unaccounted for. You can only imagine what it is like when the US team does everything it can to keep THEM from invading the coffers of the company trough, just to find out that THEM team is far superior in their ability to be clever than the US team gave them credit for. Yes in the middle of catching up on everything that had fallen by the wayside while US was in armistice (vacation) there appeared to be yet another one of those things that you just don’t expect.

It’s like those people that cheat on their spouses constantly. I see it portrayed on television, Hell I even see it portrayed all over social media, but my mind just doesn’t work that way. You want to just shake people when they are off in Selfishville but then again we are taught that we aren’t allowed to judge. My ass, I judge everyone and not because I want to feel better than them but because I want to BE better than them. It takes a lot of negative powers of example to teach a failed human such as myself what NOT to do, and apparently this pertains to the working world as well. Then you have to actually keep an eye on some people and it is best to know who is worthy of that extra attention.

Now to demonstrate another one of those places where my mind just doesn’t go there, we had a situation involving the company vending machines. Our company has vending machines where you can get your safety supplies simply by putting your employee number in, selecting what you want and going about your day. I was clever enough to set up the entire system so that people could only have access to what they need, and not what they want. For example we have some very expensive gloves in the machine that the mechanics need to do their job, and everyone else wants just because they are expensive. To demonstrate where my mind will actually go I assumed that there would be abuse if I didn’t limit it to the people who actually needed them, but I underestimated the people that actually wanted them.

When these gloves started flying out of the machine during the shutdown of US headquarters, I came back to the “memo” and we all dread the memo. I looked into where all of the gloves were going to and found that a few people were taking 10 pairs a week. UGH! By using patented infiltration techniques (going to one of the know-it-alls who likes to brag about how clever they are) I was able to find out that EVERYONE’S employee numbers are listed on the company website. GENIUS! Then I was forced to deal with the fact that people who you have to explain how to do their job 15 or 16 times a day are clever enough to go online and find other people’s employee numbers so that they can steal.

They are in for a big surprise the next time they try to play stupid. THEM 1 – US 0