Monday, October 5, 2015

I Call It Success

I find it amazing how many times I have to redo something because I did it wrong in the first place. It has been a trend throughout my life that I rush into certain things with all the right intentions but hardly ever the right incentives. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I run out and buy new cars on a whim, or buy bottles of holy water or anything like that, more often than not it is my time that is the investment that doesn’t always pay off. On the other hand my time is never really wasted regardless of what I think when I am out of it.

The trick is to learn to minimize my mistakes and upgrade my ways of doing things. The online world is the greatest example of these things. It has taken me a very long time to just be mediocre at what I do. I could wear that as a badge of failure if I haven’t been around long enough to know that there are a hell of a lot of people out there that have never even risen to the level of mediocre. I try, I fail, I learn, I move on, I try again, I may fail but then again I may not. A lot of the times when I fail, I do so in a way that I am more able to succeed the next go around. Don’t believe me, well here’s some examples, with the fixes.

I had a wildly popular blog in a very narrow area, I moved it to a broader audience, I succeeded. I moved it to an even broader audience, I failed. I started over again in a very narrow area, I succeeded, I moved it back to a broader audience, I failed. I quit, I came back, I failed. I started all over again, with very bad results, I persevered, I continued on and I am in that broader audience that I had failed so many times before, but I am high mediocre. I can work with that.

I split up my huge blog into a dozen smaller blogs, and I managed to succeed that much more. I started branching into other areas of online media, videos, graphics, design and I wouldn’t call it a success but it is definitely a beach head to work with. I am now high mediocre with expandability. I separated my YouTube channels hoping to have the same success that I had when I separated my blogs. Technically I failed but I don’t care. I started making animated GIFs that were so huge that they crashed everyone’s browsers if more than two were on the screen at the same time. I learned how to make them much smaller. Success!

I happen to be very fortunate that I really like me. I mean I really like me a lot, and I didn’t a few short years ago. I don’t take myself all that seriously and I started calling all of my online ventures “a hobby” as opposed to hope for a living that didn’t involve a time clock. In those regards I don’t fail anymore. I am very fortunate that I have managed to build my own life in a way that I can bang away on a keyboard, write 6 (yes SIX) novels at the same time, share parts of them when I feel like it, get accolades for them sometimes, write about other things if I like, make some videos, some graphics and just be happy that I am me. Nobody can take that away from me. Success!