Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Four Whole Years

Well folks, today was the day I finally started making good decisions, as this is officially the fourth anniversary of my wedding to Carrie. I did everything I could think of to remove the jinx of being married to me. We got married in San Antonio, Texas and it was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding. None of my family was invited as was none of hers and the only three people there were the minister and my two best friends from the Yahoo 360 days. It hasn't always been easy but it has always been a great thing.

What I got right this time was I married a woman that is my equal in every way. She happens to be my best friend and in the tradition of best friends her and I are looking forward to a trip to Connecticut and the Mohegan Sun Casino. Yes for those that know me I don't gamble but it's a great excuse to go check out the leaves on the way, and the place has some other things I want to enjoy with my best friend. (There of course will be pictures because that's what I do)

There is an old saying in the rooms where nobody uses their last name that people like me don't get married or into a relationship, rather we take hostages. Unfortunately I can honestly say that I have fit that bill on numerous occasions in my life. I would take a hostage and force her to watch the insanity that is Jeremy until they run away screaming. I don't lie to myself or anyone else about that. The trick was to finally find a person who could deal with the insanity until they could find a use for some of it, and a solution for the rest of it. Today I celebrate not only the marriage of Jeremy Fink and Carrie Fink, but the happily ever after that we both promised each other, and are still working on every day.

Not because we have to but because we want to ...