Friday, August 14, 2015

Keep Calm and Eat Your Pizza

I am going to state something that could fall into the annals of blasphemy especially in social media where the “Friday” memes signify happier days ahead for most people. The statement is simple but “There was a time not so long ago that I hated Fridays because it meant I didn’t have the job to occupy my time.” Now there are a few of those people out there that most people affectionately label “weirdoes” (and nobody would ever accuse me of not being a weirdo) who consider their job to be their life, but I wasn’t even that complex as a human being. No I hated the weekends for the simple fact that I had considered myself a failure at the whole “life” thing, and days without priorities seemed to prove it.

On another note one of the great things about having an Arabic friend is I get some of the most refreshing “Arabic sayings” placed in the comments of my blogs now and again. The best of them all went something like this (and forgive me if I butcher it) “God blesses good men with a good wife,” and this is pretty much what has changed the doldrums of weekend around for me. Now as I sit here, I have new traditions that I look forward to on Friday nights and into the weekend. For years my wife and I have had a Friday night tradition called “Pizza and Peanut Night” which is simply pizza and the woman I adore, who I have called “Peanut” for almost as long as I have known her. She’s an adorable little peanut after all.

Now the interesting part occurs because I rarely have any plans beyond that. “Pizza and Peanut Night” is nothing more than the two of us eating pizza and then her hopping on her computer and myself sitting on the other side of the couch with my laptop, but it is comfortable. It is the feeling of having a place to be, and a life to live, even if most people would consider it boring. I’ve had enough excitement in my life thanks to alcoholism, catastrophic injury, homelessness, single fatherhood and a few other things I should probably just save for another blog. I deserve comfortable, especially with someone who is completely my equal, even if I do have to get the items off the high shelves for her.

One of the things that has been downright hilarious to me, and I realize that I shouldn’t poke fun at the less fortunate, but the chances are pretty good that they don’t even know they are less fortunate, are those that talk themselves out of being happy. Life isn’t one long trip around the world, there is no magic lottery ticket that is going to solve all problems, and for the love of GOD, there are so many people that explain how they deserve more than what they have, while disrespecting everything they have. I would love to just ask them “Why?” especially when they have one foot in yesterday and another foot in tomorrow, while spending all their time pissing on today. Of course I probably wouldn't get a very good answer anyway.

I wake up every day pretty happy that I woke up at all really. I look at the cards that I have been dealt and then I do the absolute best I can with them. Mostly because I don’t think of life as a game of Texas Hold Em where you are stuck with what you get dealt to you and they are either good or they are not. The trick to that game is knowing when to fold. If you are sitting in a 50/50 fold proposition, then sure, life looks crappy, but I think of life more like a game of Cribbage. You can always make something out of a Cribbage hand as long as you are willing to attack the play. Not everything is about the show but I have found in all my years of playing the game, others don’t get it, and that’s why some always seem to win and others always seem to lose.