Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Crow's Vacationing Method 101

When I got around to telling everyone at work that I was going on vacation this week the first thing they all asked "Where are you going?" and of course I replied, "No place in particular." Vacations to me are not about taking a trip somewhere. That's a lot of what retirement sounds like to me. A vacation to me is just not doing what I don't want to (punching a time clock) and doing more of what I actually want to (going to the gym and spending time with my wife) and that's all it has to be. The wife would like a trip, but I can't do that to the dog, she probably wouldn't survive a trip to a kennel, and you owe a loyal pet for 14 years more than that. She understands I think.

This changes of course. Vacations past were about, spend more time with the wife and work on my gardens. The investments of time I always talk about with blogs also works with home and hobbies. I don't have to spend great amounts of time on my house as I had the first couple of years. The old owners did a decent enough job to get me to buy the house, but the wife and I had much greater aspirations. Fortunately my green thumb mixed with my inherent cheap nature and laziness, has my gardens rocking and rolling with almost no effort, but it takes imagination. As you look at the picture above you can see what last years hard work did for this year and why I could focus on other things for my vacation.

Most people I know go on vacation and then they don't go to the gym, even if they don't leave town. That's absolutely batshit crazy if you ask me, but then again most people would say my need for gym time (and on vacation an extra hour a day YAY) is batshit crazy. Of course I am never amazed anymore how a week away from the gym seems to take 3 weeks to make up for, and my extra at the gym on my vacation seems to be like extra weeks of working out. I actually like my way better. I also like how every day I have felt like my skin was too tight too. I hope everyone can experience that some day.
The House Before All My Landscaping Last Summer. A Little Different :)

The extra time with the wife is the most important part though. I do get four weeks of vacation a year, but I make sure I spread them out in a way that just about the time the two of us need the recharge, vacation happens. Yeah I know I am one of those weirdos that really adores my wife, but she is my best friend and the queen of my castle all at the same time. Our day trip to the mountains yielded me a ton of pictures, and a lot of childlike fascination on my part. My wife on the other hand is a real trooper, but I'm pretty sure the dog and her were both a little bored. They both managed to hide it well though to make sure that I had a good time. Why wouldn't I want to spend more time with a woman like that?