Tuesday, July 7, 2015

On Life In General

Being a human being is a daunting task for anyone. My favorite thing to say whenever someone posts traumatic stuff going on in their life is, “Life is a horrible thing to wish on a human being, but God seems to think you have what it takes to master it,” which is truly the way I feel about it. While there seems to be more and more atheists in this world and a growing number of them feel it is necessary to demean those that are not, I still feel pity for them. There really is nothing worse than going through a cold cruel world that isn’t fair and never will be, with no hope whatsoever after it. Its ok I guess and I have met a lot of truly special people who don’t have any beliefs beyond the sight and sound that they experience, but hopelessness is the worst thing you can wish on anyone.

I myself have had some seriously daunting times in my life, and I have always managed to concentrate my efforts on doing the next right thing, regardless of what low point I have been at in my life. Again, life is unfair it simply is what it is. Those that hate the world as it is prescribed to us now are probably woefully inept of a proper education in history. Of course that is the best way to keep people woeful and pathetic, in a world that is also a place to find your opportunity or at least your niche. You are given life, and what you do with it often has a lot more to do with what you didn’t do with t, than what you seem to think others have done to you. This brings me to another one of my favorite things to say when I have given up on someone who never seems to have anything going on in their life aside from the traumatic stuff, “You are what your parents make you, and after becoming an adult if you choose to stay that way then blame you.”

This is where life has taken most of us. A series of choices, most of which are usually good, some not so good, some pretty bad. I don’t judge people to be intelligent by their ability to demean others. Cable television has given us 200 channels and someone has got to fill up the time, often the easiest thing to do is place people who seem smart but are really nothing more than bullies out there. In other regards there seems to be a ton of slots for the lowest common denominator to be “real” with an audience that they never really deserved. There seems to be an awful lot of people that will take any of these characters that the cable networks place out there in the name of making a dollar, on a pedestal, and worship everything they do. Then they think someone who goes to church every week has issues because they worship a God, and all I see is people worshipping something that is no more than a failed human.

When I first sat down to write about my problems that I seem to be having these days, I managed to talk myself out of my self-pity by simply reminding myself that I am nothing special, while at the same time remembering that I am the most important human being on earth. Some may see that and think that I have serious ego issues, but that is because they haven’t been taught logic. Logic dictates that nothing happens in Jeremy’s life without Jeremy’s interaction. There is no person on this planet that is more responsible for my own self preservation, security, happiness or well being than me. That makes me pretty damn important. There will always be people that are willing to help, those that are willing to change me for my own good, and those that are willing to drag me back into the morass that they can’t seem to pull themselves out of. I do great. I have self respect. I deserve every good thing that happens to me, and I probably earned every bad thing. In other words I grew up, and I suggest a lot of people try it some day.