Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Another Day With the Dad

Well the first day of my vacation was spent with my wife and my father. We initially went out to go to our favorite nursery and get some plants for my father's lil trailer, and low and behold, the place was closed. Now of course being who I am we went tooling around looking for another place and found that a lot of them appear to be closed these days. No matter, my father got a day out of the house and my wife and I got to spend some time with him.

We took him to my wife's favorite restaurant in the area called Telly's which has Italian food that is so good it was the first and only time my wife hasn't said "It's better in San Antonio" and that's saying something since EZs is pretty damn good (but yes Telly's is better). My father had mushroom stuffed ravioli that he assured us was the best he ever had. Being it was the first time he had ever had it he had to admit it was the worst he ever had too. I had a rodeo burger that was better than Red Robin, and let's face it for the prices Red Robin charges it better not be beaten by anyone, and it was. The wife was very happy with her stuffed shells as always, and we called it a great day.

It doesn't take much for me to enjoy a vacation. I don't have to take a trip or do anything spectacular. I just have to get up and have a day free of responsibility. Right after I post this it will be the Winky, Stinky and Wifey show all throughout the state of New Hampshire, and I will bore the hell out of you all with pictures tonight and tomorrow, All I can say is that I hope youy all have as wonderful a day as I know I am going to have. Tah Tah!