Sunday, June 14, 2015

Time With My Dad

I went over to visit my father yesterday, at his house, just like I do every Saturday. I know a lot of you are shocked that I actually have parents and there isn’t a broken open spore pod somewhere from whence I came, but yes I do have a father, and he is roughly 5 years older than any other male descendant in anyone’s memory on either side of my family. He’s not doing too bad either considering. My purpose for going over yesterday of course was to fix that nasty, rotten wall that holds in his front garden for Father’s Day. He of course waited until I was finished to tell me that it wasn’t the day before Father’s Day, which would be the first holiday he actually knew the date of in about 20 years.
Of course the wonderful thing about rotten wood, is it does tend to rip out easily and somehow I managed to grab edging stone that fit into the ridges left behind perfectly. Score one for the good guys. My father on the other hand actually was rather adorable in his own way tearing apart all of the rotten wood off to the side, so we could figure out what to do with it. It was just nice to spend some quality time with him and both of us getting a sense of accomplishment at the same time. Of course we usually do have some pretty interesting conversations, even if they don’t have much to do with the everyday.

Well on that note I guess it does have a lot to do with the everyday. He is a retired school teacher, but is honestly fascinated when I talk about my job. He of course likes all the same sports teams that I do, and we really didn’t spend all that much time together as I was growing up, so we can always go over the things we missed while we were ignoring each other. His parenting skills are about as good as mine, in the sense that he spent most of his time wishing time would just pass, as did I. In the end, time passed and now I go over to see my father every Saturday hoping to God it isn’t my last. I don’t even think I garnered that much respect from my own kids, but then again I guess I will find out some day.

Oh, just so you know, this is the 700th entry in the Life Whacko for the second time. I at one time had over 1000, but I deleted a lot of them as I moved them into other blogs. I will probably hit my 700th blog again if I ever get some free time to clean up some more old posts. Have a great end to your weekend!