Friday, June 5, 2015

The Uninspired Side of Those Online

I was on Facebook this morning stealing people’s feed pictures, or at least trying to, and I noticed that the quality of graphics out there are going downhill pretty quickly. I mean we’ve all gotten sick of the graphics that are cries for re-posts like the typical “Click Like if you agree women shouldn’t be raped, re-post if you aren’t a rapist, keep scrolling if you just want God to set you on fire,” and the ones that are cries for attention, “Look at me with another ducky face taking a picture downward so you notice my cleavage and not the beer belly under it,” but now they aren’t even that creative. What is the world coming to? We don’t even have time to be creative about our cries for whatever?

Don’t get me wrong folks; I actually do want to see photos of someone’s new nail polish, and asking what people think. As frivolous as that might seem, it is what friends do, so that is fair game. Posting a picture of the new shoes? Of course that is a perfectly normal thing for a human being to do if they were sitting in the same room. Posting a picture of two poorly drawn stick figures having an argument about Bruce Caitlyn Jenner’s new shoes? You may need to get out more, or at the very least dedicate a little more time to the art of Photoshop and at least earn your attention. Yeah there were about 400 likes under that picture too, so we can start talking about what the heck Jeremy actually knows.

There is this not so new trend apparently of posting a picture of words. There is nothing on that picture aside from a saying like, “If I could really be creative there would be a picture of a duck or a bunny here instead of my babble,” which is filling Facebook feeds. I would say, can’t you just type a thought and click post, but I know as well as anyone else that nobody cares about a few sentences, they want a picture. You wait until that trend keeps going and you see political candidates with a box of big poster cards next to them. Instead of a speech they just hold up cards, like an old Bob Dillon video, and then you will see these speeches in you feed instead of actual ones. Now that I think of it that is practically what politicians do now. UGH!

I think as some sort of strange science experiment, the next time you meet up with some friends IRL (In real life) you should start acting like your Facebook profile and see how it goes. Lean over as you are talking to them and make a duckie face to see if they comment on how hot your breasts look and take food from your plate that tastes terrible and tell them that if they don’t eat it, they hate puppies and kittens. I’ll be the one sneaking in and stealing the food that looks good, and talking about you behind your back because you ate the stuff that smelled funny. Life imitating art my friends.