Thursday, June 11, 2015

And Be an Idiot Box Hero Got Stars in His Eyes

Here I am. I like to fancy myself as the king of the blogging universe, but in reality I am just on a run of good luck. I’m ok with that believe it or not, but what I am not ok with is the whole idea of branching out. Like anyone else it’s kinda scary for me to get outside of my element. I am defined by what makes me feel normal or comfortable, but you have to grow or go. I tell everyone working on becoming a mediocre blogger like myself that the ability to build content for your brand is the key to making your brand work for you, and you working less for it. On the other side of the coin is that you have to house your content, and that requires a new set of tools does it not?

Well after you nodded in agreement with me you then had to understand that “the blog” is one thing, and the “outside content” is another. Yes you can house it all in your blog, or on your website, but there are of course other services which do it much better, and integrate themselves with your blog and your website. Still it is far outside of my element to do so. Today we are going to talk about YouTube, because it is the most fascinating thing on the internet while at the same time being the scariest thing on the internet. I have been at both sides of that spectrum, but the worst part is I don’t even know why I have been at either side of the spectrum. Well I kind of do, but it is still an odd formulation that I have no control over and I hate that.

People have gone to YouTube with various reactions to it. Some look at the channels that some of the YouTube stars have set up and say, “Hell yeah, I can do that!” while others look at the channels of the YouTube stars and say, “Hell yeah, I’m going to watch that person do that!” and never have a conscious moment of wanting to be a YouTube star. My ego of course tells me that I could be a YouTube star, and my id tells me that I don’t have to, to be happy with myself. This is not the person who five years ago would have said this, because he believed his shit smelled like horse shit, and not dog shit. Now that I understand that it is all shit, and you don’t exactly want to roll in any of it, YouTube is a scarier place than it was. Go figure.

In all honesty my Blogging Tip of the Day: Vol. 52, from this morning was actually about ME. How’s that for a bloody nose to all of those people that assumed I was talking about them. Sucks to find out that you aren’t that important doesn’t it? That’s what doing something new and scary does to me too folks. I looked at my YouTube channel which has a ton of videos on it, one of which has over 2 million views and thousands of comments, which I had nothing to do with, I still don’t know why it is so popular, and the rest have under 10 views, and said, “Wow this place is a dump?” Which was my way of calling MYSELF out, while perhaps giving a good tip to all of the bloggers that read my blog.

Now on the up side, I do have some well managed, reasonably organized, and efficient blogs that I work on every day. Because of this I do actually have the tools that it takes to make my YouTube channel at the very least user friendly and visually appealing. (Always remember that self positive reinforcement is a good thing folks!) I just need to do it. I spent an hour this morning that I could have spent writing, organizing my YouTube channel and creating a much nicer header graphic for it. I even got myself so jazzed up doing this that I figured maybe I’ll take some time to make a few nicer videos for it. Of course I could say that it would cut into my writing time but Lord knows there are plenty of people out there who either think that is a good idea, or would lay odds that I would still write too damn much anyway. These are good problems to have, I’ll admit it.