Friday, May 29, 2015

You're Only A Figment of Your Own Nervous Breakdowns

Well my poor wife was subject to another one of my near nervous breakdowns over something quite trivial, in the real world, but quite real to me. My brand has become rather important to me lately, now that I seem to have one, and the logical movement of it in the right direction is always in the background. I undertook a very large process of doing videos and pictures of my workouts so that I could incorporate them into my content on The Health Whacko. With a more recognizable brand comes the reality that just pilfering pictures of other people doing exercises on the internet might not go over well, so I was starting to get a bit nervous. Well actually I got thrown out of a few communities for it, so I figured that was the official “warning shot” on all of that.

The problem of course was I had all of these images that needed to be edited for use, and despite my lackadaisical attitude, my lack of time was getting to me. Sunday night I finally started losing control of myself as I worked furiously to get caught up on everything BUT the images so that I could get to the images. Yeah it didn’t work out so well. My wife’s first reaction was that she didn’t like how I was letting it get to me, and that in turn made it all that much worse. That chip on my shoulder that always comes out when I swear the world not only doesn’t understand me, but doesn’t even try and now I had to show THEM. The problem was I didn’t have the time to show anyone much of anything.

To my benefit my wife softened her outlook on it all and offered to help me get caught up with these things. For those that don’t know, she is my graphics guru, and all of my sites would look like clown college (or more like clown college than they already do) if it weren’t for her making my graphics. She spent her Monday making all of the images of my workouts so that I could work on the databases for all of my workouts. It ended up being a real boon to me, because our day of hard work actually made it so that I can steal back at least a half hour of every day, now that I have volumes of content that are a click and a paste away. The load off my mind made it so that instead of waking up every morning and trying to think up a Gym Rule, I was able to get about ten posts ahead of the game. At least another half hour a day I have stolen for myself.

I guess the moral of the story is that behind every hyper-creative mind (or minds like mine too I guess) you really need a person to guide you, help you and move you along. One of my favorite sayings is “It is a wife’s job to nag, or else a man will never accomplish anything,” but then there are always those times when it is a wife’s job to throw herself under your arm and help you limp across the finish line too. I am not one of those people who wonders how I got so lucky, because when it gets right down to it, I had a lot to do with it all too. I figured out what a good woman is and I muckled on to her for dear life until she gave up and accepted she isn’t going anywhere. You know, the way a man nags.