Friday, May 8, 2015

The Cafeteria in the Mental Hospital is Full

Yesterday was not a good day for me. I woke up knowing that it was going to be a hectic day as it was, because there is a big tour coming through my plant next week which means I have to do a LOT of preparations to get the place in shape. That of course was on top of the fact that I had to teach a class yesterday which meant another four hours of my day was gone, throw in the fact that teaching class is the hardest thing I do on my back and that is no treat. Oh and of course before the class I had two important meetings and right after the class I had to go to a class. Yeah I had a lot on my plate.

It started out even worse though because the report on “Deflategate” came out so I had 5 different people post the articles to my Facebook wall, and with that came the trails of hate under them. People basically demanding an explanation from me, others explaining how much they hate the Patriots and their fans, was just lovely. Now of course this and the people who pick on me for being healthy, and the people who want to smear my nose in other things are about all the interaction I get on Facebook, so I sat there and assessed my life for a little bit. Everything I post, no likes no comments, everything everyone else posts on my wall to smear my nose in something, dozens of likes, tons of comments. I was just dumbfounded.

Of course I have heard it from most people, I post too much, nobody likes hearing about me all the time, I don’t interact with people anymore. I’m not stupid, but then again I’m not stupid. I wasted a lot of time yesterday morning just deleting everything I ever posted on Facebook so I could at least feel less un-liked, and then closed it all up and barely made it to work to start what I already knew would be a day from hell. It was later in the day when I realized something, as I logged into Facebook to “like” the stuff that my wife posted. My page was filled up with all the things I posted that were “hidden” so that all of the things I posted with no interaction, and they were all the things with one like or a comment or two. Are you kidding me?

Now I wasted another hour or two deleting all of those things, and then refreshed the page. Good everything is gone; I can get back to doing other things. I get an alert on my phone someone posted something to my wall to smear my nose in something else so I go to tell the person to “f themselves” (I had run out of diplomacy at this point in the day) and low and behold, another layer of stuff that Facebook didn’t have on my wall before was there. These were all the things with a few likes and a few comments. Son of a Bitch, I was actually pretty pissed off at this point. I was also pissed off that the people who I told to “f off” had deleted their posts, or blocked me or whatever so they were no longer on my wall.

I figured out what my problem was at this point, I needed to click “Show All” so that all my posts would be visible, and then I can delete them all. Ok good, here we go again. All the posts with 4 or 5 likes and a half a dozen comments were showing now. I deleted them all, and I was good to go right? Wrong! Even after hitting “show all” Facebook hid my posts based on popularity, and I was absolutely furious now and it was past my bedtime. I decided Facebook had dominated enough of my life for one day, and I was just going to go to bed. What a %$#@ing crap hole.

Needless to say I am still a little bitter about how yesterday went for me. I am not deleting my Facebook page because I need it for my wife’s posts and as a place for people to vent on me, but if it takes me the rest of my life I will get rid of everything I ever posted let me tell you. Sure it probably gives that place more page views than it deserves but lets be real here, Facebook doesn’t need me and I am cool with that. I just know I am not feeding the pig and complaining about its weight anymore. Good riddance.