Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I absolutely adore the word “cataclysm” even if I do have to let the spell checker tell me if I spelled it right or not. Of all the words to describe the absolute worst thing that can happen to you, I would say that cataclysm really sums it up if you really want to add that level of dreadful that other words don’t seem to effect. Of course when I was young and still watched professional wrestling the term “pandemonium” was pretty huge, but that takes on a humorous undertone that cataclysm just doesn’t elicit. Of course all problems that fall under the heading of cataclysm seem to take on more of a humorous undertone the older I get.

Why would I bangle around with the English language like this? Well because sometimes things come up in a manufacturing environment that have the connotation of impending doom, that you have to step back, take a deep breath, and then let out some laughter over. Am I minimizing the things that may or may not disrupt a beautifully harmonious relationship between man and machine, raw materials and consumers, profit and loss? Of course not, I am just giving a pretty good example of what life is like when humans are involved. Even the bible will explain that we are all flawed entities in the pursuit of being “better” and not perfect entities going about life in horrid boredom.

Here is my example for the week, or probably an extension of what should have been a horrid experience if left to our own devices. You see we had to change our waste haulers to start off the month of May. I have been here long enough to remember the last time we did this and THAT was cataclysm, this was not. The waste haulers that we had here for the first few years I was employed at my company were the types that you could just hear the Sopranos theme music playing when they came in to ask us what our problem was. It never seemed to be their problem, as much as it was our problem. The dangling gold chains bouncing off their beer bellies as they got out of their Cadillac was something to laugh about, but their customer service was not, because it was always our problem.

The waste hauler that we brought in to replace them wasn’t the type to be union bosses, and just happen to have a waste hauling company to explain profits, but they were a little too big of a corporation to have to answer to our needs in a timely manner too. All good things come to an end, and we brought in the new waste hauler at the end of last week, and this was their first full weekend of serving our needs. I walked in to cataclysm. I waved it off as if it were merely pandemonium, and went about the business of getting the full cans out of the yard. Sadly it was only cataclysm in the fact that it was new to everyone involved, and the transition was made pretty smooth, if only for the fact that I have been here before, and I survived it the last time.