Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Day in the Life of Carrie Crow

It's said that every great artist has a muse, but I am here to tell you that the not so great artists like myself have a muse as well. I was very lucky when my wife found me online, and whisked me away from the cowardly chaos in which I lived. The end product has been a new and improved Jeremy that had the capacity to get his life in order and then reach back and get a few other things on track. Of course she is far more than a muse, as I often call her the Queen of my Castle, and that is probably an understatement. Her amazing creativity in all that she does for our home, and our life probably fuels my own creative juices more than she will ever know.

Here is a couple of weeks in the life of Mrs. Carrie Crow, and why I think she is the bees knees.

Two weekends ago she had me drive out to a used furniture store with her so that she could get a huge framed mirror, that she figured would look good in the slot between the living room and the dining room, above an old dresser and some other old trinkets that could use some refurbishing. A few coats of paint on the dresser and the mirror and this is basically our go between for the kitchen and the living room. I mean seriously folks, how great is it to have a wife that can whip something up like this while you are at work?

Then there was the office idea that she had, and we worked on for the last
few weeks, which just happened to get finished at the beginning of this week. By "we" I mean that I helped carry a few things, and of course the rest was a series of amazing surprises when I came home from work. Her initial goal was based on something she had seen online, about people that make desks that are above treadmills, so that they can walk and do their work at the same time. She happens to be a graphics artist (oh yeah while on that, where do you think I get the good graphics for my websites and blogs, I provide the crappy ones of course) so she spends a lot of time at a keyboard. This idea facilitated her to workout and work at the same time. She designed and manufactured this entire walking desk herself. WOW!

We of course are not done yet, because my wonderful wife scoured the internet to get us a couch that we could afford, and didn't set us back that much. She found one that would fit in our price range, and we both agreed would look good in our little cape, THEN she went out and found it cheaper in three different places, and managed to save us about $300 more dollars on it, so that we could remain comfortable in our savings account. This showed up in the middle of last week. On a side note that cheap leather couch she got us is so extra firm that my back and neck started feeling better the minute I started sitting on it too.

But wait! There's more, that this wonderful Queen of my castle managed to accomplish in all of this.
She saw that our living room lamps were a bit out of style for the rest of the house. What does the average life partner do in these cases? If you said, repaint, polish, add new shades and rewire the lamps for a pull chain instead of a rotating switch you would be correct! Of course if you are saying that is what most people would do, you are lying! Of course this is what my wonderful wife did, and you can barely tell those are the same lamps.

Of course I can't forget the amazing pride that she takes in having a delicious dinner waiting for me on the table every night when I get home from work. I have never expected it from her (well maybe I do but only because it is what I have become used to over the years) and I as I mentioned it is a thing that makes her very proud. In NewEnglandah we would call me a lucky ass bastard, but I like to think of it as being touched by an angel, everyday.