Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Two Steps Forward One Step Back

Well in an effort to clean up my online presence I have been taking a little more time cleaning up my old website data and trying to incorporate it into my new website. This has not been an easy process, but I also have to keep in mind that I have a lot of good content that shouldn’t just be thrown away. When I collapsed the stupid Fat, Dumb & Wonderful idea, and folded it into the Health Whacko, I saw a really good surge in analytics and was even able to bolster my Health Whacko Blog, with links to the content in a daily online format. I am hoping to translate this forward to other places.

Now as I tell people constantly, content, data, and fresh ideas, centered around yourself, is a great way to do something that is meaningful. The Facebook model of gaining popularity and thus handing an empire to the Facebook people is nice and all, but what little “kudos” you gain from it, lasts about a day and then you start all over again. I need to take the time to continue building the content that drives what I write and share, while most importantly, not letting it drive me insane like it would have in the past. Playing with whatever technologies I have been using has kept me interested at least.

I’ve also had to make some hard decisions. Well I guess I didn’t have to make any hard decisions, I just chose to finally make the hard decisions of letting go of the past. The old Jeremy Crow was wallowing in his own failures, and the new Jeremy Crow has taken on the attitude of going from failure to failure without a lack of enthusiasm, and you can do that when what you are doing is a hobby. Before it was a dream, that wasn’t being fulfilled, and I started organizing my blogs along the way, while still keeping “the big blog” a mess. Most of this was out of fear of losing the comments that had accumulated over the years.

Yesterday I started the process of hitting the “delete” button without any conscience. Well hardly without conscience, as I looked at old friends I had made along the way finally fading away. Many of the posts that are in the old Mental Notes (currently Life Whacko) are in “other” blogs as they had been organized in, and all they do is add to the “kludge” that the Life Whacko had become. As I am reposting all of my old fiction to the Creativity Whacko there really was no need for them to sit in the Life Whacko, and they were the first to go. Most of the comments were from people that never really existed anyway, but the few that were left there by dear friends hurt a little.

Again as I learned when I lost everything from the WriteWing Whacko and had to repost everything to my Google + profile just to try and get a few +s and comments, so they don’t look so pathetically unread, my audience is growing every day. I gained back far more in the lines of readership than I had before and that again was an issue within myself, holding on to the past and expecting to gain back people I had lost along the way, while at the same time forgetting about the real meat and potatoes of the blogging and online world, those that actually do read you and those that want to read you.

If you read this far, just know that I really appreciate you for being you, and allowing me to be me. Even if being me takes us on quite a journey at times.