Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Politically Correct Guide to Science

It isn’t very often that I mix my health related stuff with my politically charged stuff, but the two actually coincide here as I am on my usual progressivism kick this weekend. I figure this is more of a Life Whacko than anything else so forgive me if you expected something different.

I hate how people assume they are smart and then use it to tease or degrade others, and I really hate it when people parrot what others tell them they can tease and degrade others on. I blame this on science, because over the last 50 years the art of science has gone to crap, and everyone allows it to so that they can feel smart. It isn’t smart to parrot things that are wrong, and it definitely isn’t smart to tease someone for something you don’t yourself know anything about.

Earth Day just came and went and as usual, the grand masses of lemmings followed behind the scientific community because it is cool, and they feel like they have compassion. The scientific community as it pertains to climate science is worse than the scientific community as it relates to health science. I say this as an expert, on health science, and my degree is my beautiful naked forty five year old body. There are lots of people out there in the scientific community that create studies and surveys, write articles and peer reviewed essays stating I am wrong on a lot of things, and again, I have more proof that I am right than they do that I am wrong.

A brief conversation I had on G+ with a friend reminded me of a not so great conversation I had with a coworker a while back. The conversation on G+ was centered around yet another article from a health scientist selling people what they want to hear, that is just plain silly in real life. “Exercise has little to do with preventing obesity,” and again, it is what someone wanted to hear and a scientist or researcher realized that it is easier to sell fantasy than fact. I have a half a decade of research that would say the opposite, but I am not in the magazine article writing game.

Here’s where I am on the whole issue. As “The Healthy Guy” at work the powers that be always force me to take over the various health challenges. I hate doing it because most people just suck, and they lie, and they have no initiative to do anything they don’t deep down inside want to. This makes them a pain in the ass when you have to compile data on a health challenge of some sort. They eat too much and then don’t want to get on a scale for a scheduled weigh in. They are getting the crap kicked out of them in a steps challenge so they don’t want to turn in their charts, etc ad infinitum. I never made it as a trainer because I hate people, so I let people fail.

What I do have because of all of this is obvious data that I can throw out there. People who enthusiastically weigh themselves know they have done something to lose weight, those that avoid it have not. Those that range in the 30,000 to 60,000 steps per day (and yes it is possible I do it) are fit and healthy, those that can’t get 10,000 steps in a day are not. You can come up with all the studies you want but these are the things that my lying eyes see twice a year every year. This is one of the major problems that the climate scientists have going against them. The political movement that demands that they have data trying to scare the masses into subservience will only pay them if they produce it. Those that don’t find the same things these people do, not only don’t get paid but they get scorn and ridicule heaped on them.

As you probably noticed I don’t talk much about Earth Day, despite the fact that the idiots who worship Gaia come out of the woodwork, and they are bread and butter to a right wing whacko to tease. The problem here is that these people have no ability to learn anything that isn’t spoon fed to them by a progressive in doctrinaire. When I was in 1st grade about 40 years ago, I was told the rainforests would be gone in 20 years. My children were fed the exact same line. It was a lie then it is a lie now, but it makes a great bumper sticker doesn’t it? When Earth Day started it was to stop GLOBAL COOLING, and the earth was done for by 1990. By the end of the 1990s the same idiots had convinced everyone that it was global warming. Then they had to go with climate change. Science is NOT an ever changing dialogue box. It is when you have disproven EVERYTHING else and have come to the only thing left and then that has to be the fact.

To end all of this it is the uncomfortable conversation I had at work which opened my eyes a few years back and it happened around Earth Day. It reminded me that it is better to let people be ignorant when they think they are brilliant because my own cleverness can actually be evil, even if it is merited. The resident “Earthy Person” (who no longer works there thank God) was mimicking all the things he heard on MSNBC that day at everyone. A coworker basically told the guy to just go away. He came back with the typical line of “Just because you don’t understand science …” and applied it to all of us. I was barely in the conversation but I had had it up to my eyeballs with this jerk, and replied, “Are you seriously telling me that I don’t understand science?”

This is where this person really went all out to “get me” because it was pretty common knowledge I was one of those stupid tea party types, and again he had been taught that people like me deserve no respect. I didn’t let him get very far into judging me before I lashed out, “Have you looked at me? Have you looked at you?” and again before his denial could get too out of control I continued, “My very being demonstrates my knowledge of physics, biology, and kinetics, not to mention the fact that I can usually walk away from a conversation with you because I get psychology. You on the other hand are a fat, indoctrinated know it all, that just waking up in the morning demonstrates your woeful lack of scientific acumen, so GET THE HELL AWAY FROM US.”

Now the problem with this is I felt really bad about having said that, and I actually got the reaction that my evil side wanted from him in more ways than one. He looked dejected which I had every right to do but would have liked to think I am better than that, and of course he went and reported me to human resources which brought up the other problem with political correctness. I had no right to be offended and he did, regardless of all the people that backed me up on it. My self-righteousness was not about to apologize for any of it either , which was another learning experience about perhaps watching my mouth. Of course that jackass was fired for stealing a few months after that, and I have been promoted so live and learn. Happy Indoctrination Day Folks!