Monday, March 30, 2015

Pride in What I Do Even if it Isn't What I Do

An often underused word in society today is “pride” and the definition of this simple word gets skewed a bit. Some would call pride the ultimate sin and others would call it the ultimate virtue. The answer to which is correct is often just the way you use it. I take great pride in the little things I do that organizationally turn into big things and more often than not can be contagious.

I wrote last week about how it feels to keep a tight ship, and have some basic organizational skills. Some days the contagion of this as I had alluded to, is that other people want you to organize their crap in your area. As long as I have been working for this company I have taken great pride in being a problem solver. Whether I was cleaning toilets and took pride in doing it better than most people (and I assure you I still do it better than most people) or in my new position of running a parts room, the problem solving aspect is what keeps me going at a high pace.

Last week I was dealing with the problem of certain company assets that weren’t being taken care of very well. The print mats that we use for the Kiwi printer are expensive, and rather fragile if they aren’t stored properly. Unfortunately they weren’t, but the concept of storing print mats in the critical spares area, doesn’t work. Parts leave here and they don’t come back, and that was really all I needed to say, but does that make me a problem solver? Of course it doesn’t so what I did was I organized with the people who deal with the print mats and came up with a better way to store them.

Now of course as the MRO Buyer I do have some tools at my disposal. I could order something? I could ask the maintenance team to develop something? No of course I did what I usually do, because the maintenance team is busy, and not everything can be purchased. I went out into the warehouse and looked for items that were not in use (hopefully never going to be in use) and then I strapped on the gloves and the face shield and I got to work. I created some beautiful racks for the items, and was able to take down the old decrepit racks that they were being stored on. I accepted my accolades, and all totaled I probably only cost the company a day’s worth of my time, some unneeded storage racks, the cardboard cores that the fiberglass comes in and a little imagination, all spent during my free time.

The racks that were made as you can see in the picture above were pulled away from the wall because progress is contagious, and the Production department, who were thrilled with the new racks, organization, and clutter free area, couldn’t wait to paint the walls to make it look even better. I am very proud of this and I deserve to be. The fact of the matter here is I am not just proud of the fact that I made those racks but because I was able to solve a problem that WILL make my life easier in the end. This wasn’t the first time I did something like this and I am also proud of the fact that it won’t be the last. The relationships that I create with the people who don’t even work in my department is priceless. No matter what you do in the company and no matter how little you may think your effect is on the people around you, just strive to do the next right thing and the pride you feel from that could become contagious.