Tuesday, February 3, 2015

You're Only As Old As You Are Willing to Admit

Some would call me insane these days, well more insane than they have called me over the years. The constant slate of snowstorms have turned me into some sort of lunatic looking to vanquish the great white whale of snow that keeps being dumped on our area. My core, meaning that area between your chest and your groin, is really starting to look impressive. Every shovel full of snow, that I am forced to throw over snow mounds as tall as I am, just stretches and pulls and tones, and yes I love it. I enjoy the burn, and I am even starting to enjoy the carping about my enjoying it too much.
It of course seems strange that I look like I have always wanted to look in the summer and never quite accomplished right now. It is like my little secret that I share in text, but bundle up because it is just freezing outside. There is a lot of contentment that follows along with my mind set right now though. First I look forward to when they come and do all of our weight, body fat and cholesterol screenings for our insurance discounts at work. I deserve to show off because I have after all done all of the hard work, but more important than that, I am energized to take on tasks that would have made me grumpy in the past. I feel like a little kid doing them as well and you can’t put a price tag on that.
Think of it this way. I may technically be in the best shape of my life and that is saying something. I have a bad back due to a once completely ruptured disk that has regenerated itself but constantly ached over and over. Any sort of exertion would remind me that I have back issues, and this has gone on for almost a decade. The last snow storm, I had to do an awful lot of shoveling, which I do enjoy, but afterwards the slow ache made it hard to go to sleep that night. This is nothing new, nothing special, nothing unexpected, because it is part of my life. I lost weight so that I wouldn’t have the pain from my belt and now I have found something else has happened. I did just as much shoveling today and I had no pain at all.
The Catholic Church has an expression of “He who brings the disease will also bring the medicine,” which is one of the major reasons they spend so much money on hospitals and medical research. No I am no Catholic, but I have always like that phrase, and lately I have been touting the idea that every time it snows, God is simply telling me that it is time for some cardio. It appears that the journey that I have walked into lately to get a bit healthier, mixed in with all of the God given cardio that has been dumping on my property might have been the medicine that I needed to just feel better in general.
With all of that said, feeling better than I ever have has also brought back the inner child that has always been there, but even more playful as of late. The last few years, despite what everyone would have you believe, is almost an identical clone of what the weather was like when I was 10. I look at all of the snow, and I imagine (ok make) snow forts and tunnels and all of the other things I did when I was a little Jeremy. They keep calling off work which is like all of those snow days I had to go play in it all, and my second childhood is coming along quite nicely, only with a smoking hot core that I hope to hold onto until beach season.