Friday, February 20, 2015

The End of an Error

I’ve been diving head first into the concepts of marketing, and promotion lately in an attempt to get my blogs more exposure. The underlying need to create profits in my hobbies isn’t anything new, it just seems to be something I am better at now, then at any other point. To do this I had to make some hard choices in the way I write and how frequently I post what I write, which seemed foreign to me. Writing at one time was a popularity contest, and despite what most people would assume, it really isn’t. Along the way I have tried to share information I have accumulated, but haven’t much cared if any of it was read by anyone. This isn’t an attitude deficiency, it is growth.
The most important thing I have learned while looking through all of the successful blogs out there, is that there is a core audience for everything. If you do not write what you are passionate about then you will have no success whatsoever, regardless of how you write. I’ve actually been pretty good at this, but at the same time I have had far too much concern for what others thought about what I wrote. This is the wrong philosophy, and it is the best way to fail at what you are doing. While having a general “writing” style that has appealed too many at times, my randomness of thought puts people off really quickly. I always thought I could fix this, and not only could I not fix it, I couldn’t focus my thoughts on what needed to be written about.
In theory, you can sit around and get crabby because of a criticism that you feel is unfair, or you can analyze the criticism, take from it what is useful, and throw away the rest. At times I have found myself either bitter, or crippled by a comment that would explain to me what “subjects” someone would think that I “always write about” as opposed to brushing that criticism away, and continuing to write for what obviously should be a different audience. I didn’t spend enough time or energy in finding that audience, or I simply expected the wrong audience to accept what I was writing. That is so wrong, that I would have to give my way of thinking an F.
Then the way I would merge the different sections of my life, and think it would work to my advantage, was also much skewed. I think everyone finds themselves in this pit, when they don’t analyze what others are trying to explain to you, but you aren’t ready to listen to. You have all of these levels of social media at your command, and a certain level of followers, friends, contacts or whatever they are called on any given site, but they all have different purposes in your life. While I still “push” everything that I do to all of my different social media locations, I have learned that some locations are for what I do and others are not. I definitely don’t take it badly if my interests are not popular in the places where I should have known it wouldn’t be. At the same time they are my interests so I don’t put up with anyone putting me down for them.
Once you (or me in this case) find the way to organize, strategize, file and send out what you are writing about, you will have a peace of mind that can’t be explained. Trust me when I say that it stimulates your need to keep going with the course you have chosen for yourself, when you are just doing it. There will always be the people who love you, for who you are, the people who love you for what you can give them and the people who love what you have to say and how you say it. They don’t have to be the same people, and that is perfectly ok. Now go out and do what you love, because you’ve earned it.