Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Definition of Interesting

I like to think I am pretty interesting. I have found over the years that there are an awful lot of people in the world that are pretty interesting, and thanks to the internet and social media I can enjoy what makes so many people so interesting. I have actually participated in just about every internet fad that had come along, or at the very least I had made a stab at most of them. I was a pretty slick ticket on the IRC channels back before Microsoft had even tried to make an IRC client. I was quite versed in Usenet, and could download large volumes of dirty pictures before Netscape had even come about. If you don’t know what Netscape is then it only shows that you are a whipper snapper and I am an old fogy.

I think the first real foray into what we would consider social media today was a program called ICQ (Pronounced I Seek You) that was the first really good and interactive instant messenger. Yes AOL Instant Messenger or AIM came along and crushed it and then bought it, but we all used a variety of instant messengers over the years from ICQ, to AIM, to Windows Messenger, to MSN Messenger, to Yahoo Messenger, and yes I know I am missing a whole pile of them. Someone would probably remind me of how much fun we used to have on PowWow, but again, it only makes us old to remember it. Now most messengers are just an add on to a social media site.

Speaking of social media sites, I remember MySpace, and 360, and several other versions of the social media site before Facebook closed them all down. I was one of the first on Google + and still consider it my go to site. I have blogged on 360, MySpace, Blogger, and again a multitude of different places that sprung up here and there. I met my wife on a website called Tagged, which I was on because an ex-girlfriend wanted me to bid up her photos on one of those “Own Your Friends” games. Speaking of which I still think most of my Facebook friends were found in some sort of “Own Your Friends” game. Don’t get me started on all the different online games I have been addicted to over the years.

Now I just write, because it is what I like to do. I watch all of the interesting people that I follow online, whether it is Twitter, Google +, Facebook, Blogger, Instagram, LinkedIN, Tumblr, or whatever comes along next, and for so many reasons it makes me interesting. Most people unfortunately see something in everyone else and then assign that “tag” to them. Over the years I have heard everything that is wrong with me online. Close your eyes for a minute and think about what I post too much of, and then just assume you are wrong, like I do.

I follow mostly political folks, because I like that. I follow a lot of funny folks, because I like that. I follow a lot of folks who speak languages I don’t even comprehend, but let me tell you, they all post the most beautiful photography. I follow a lot of people that talk about health and nutrition, because I can speak that language. When it comes right down to it, I follow people because they are interesting, and my ego requires me to follow anyone that thinks I am interesting. Hell I follow A LOT of people that I rarely agree with, and they can be the most interesting. They have over the years become some of my closest friends too.

True Story! Instagram is the easiest of all social media. I follow anyone that follows me, and I hit the heart on every picture pretty much that I look at. I am just happy that people share them with me really. This one kid followed me, so I followed back. He’s in a wheelchair and he is in high school. I could tell these things from his pictures. Every other day or so he just posts a few pictures of him and a friend, usually girls so you got to like his style, but not always girls. I really started looking forward to these pictures because the kid really is pretty cool, and seems very happy. He gets tons of hearts and comments, and not one of them is because he is in a wheelchair, but because he’s cool. They always cheered me up, but I couldn't figure out how we even met. One day I recognized the girl in the picture with him because it was my ex-wife’s sister’s step daughter. What an amazingly huge world that just gets smaller every day, and it is so full of interesting people.