Saturday, January 10, 2015

Simplification Propositions

Part of finding myself over the last few years has been my ability to waste my time more responsibly than I used to. Originally it was about spending less time online, and then became a matter of spending the time I chose to spend online more responsibly. Social media plays a large role in my life, mostly as a diversion and secondarily as an information source. Yes I realize most people will tell you that they go online for news and information, but I am willing to admit that I go online because I am bored and want time to pass. This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the people I spend my online time with, as a matter of fact you’d be surprised how much time and consideration I have put into it.

Facts are facts, and facts have become a pretty important part of my online experience. I had to stop following news sources that didn’t pass the smell test years ago. Over the last year I had also had to expand that philosophy to organizations that were basically full of crap as well. I don’t think the average “Tea Party” organization on Facebook is worth a crap. I loves me some Tea Party and all but just because an organization puts Tea Party in their name and posts incendiary things about the president every day to 100,000 likes doesn’t mean it is worth of my time. I found most of them to promote half-truths without vetting anything they posted, and was better off not seeing anything they sent out to the masses.

Then I had to finally get serious about who I follow, or friend, or add or whatever. I went to and eliminated everyone on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram who didn’t follow me. I mean seriously, nobody is so important that what they have to say is omnipotent. The most important thing to remember about these things is that the people who don’t follow you on those sites are usually the biggest babblers. With all that unreciprocated crap off my feeds I could actually pay attention to people that were more deserving of it. It didn’t stop there either, as I found to get rid of all the people who didn’t have me in their G+ circles. You know the ones who realize you are following them, read one of your posts, misinterpret it, and then post a public denouncement of you somewhere. Makes wishing people a happy birthday easier too.

The hardest was Facebook, but I devised a simple action plan with that. We all know the people that babble all day. They have a bazillion friends, and you rank pretty low on that list. They are never going to like anything you post (even if you post it on something of theirs) and at best get offended once in a while and ruin your day. Mostly what they do is make your feed a miserable failure because they post at least a million things a day. If you can’t get up the nerve to cut their friend ties, you can always go to their page an “unfollow” them. I know to many it seems like a horrible thing to do to someone, but it is also a horrible thing to ignore the friends that could use a like, or a funny comment now and again because they are drowned out by the obnoxious babblers too.

I actually rarely post anything to Facebook anymore, because I can post to my other sites and have it cross post over. Sites like where I track all of my health goals will send my healthy inspirational messages to Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIN where I track my business contacts will post my wealth and success quotes to Twitter, Instagram will cross post to Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr (but I just let it post to Tumblr which automatically does Facebook and Twitter), and thanks to I can post something to G+ and have it go to Facebook and Twitter. Of course everything I post to Facebook is cross posted to Twitter. Are you confused yet?

Then there are my actual etiquette rules to all of these online services. This is me and I would never expect anyone else to go this route. I tend to just like everything on Instagram, MyFitnessPal and Tumblr because I don’t have that many friends anyway. It’s my way of saying I like that it was shared with me. Twitter, I just make sure that I retweet anything that has JeremyCrow4Life in it. I have my vanity to protect after all. G+ I am pretty liberal with the +1 but I usually try to be pretty serious when I comment. Facebook, I use the “Like” a lot because I know I like to get liked, so I assume everyone else must like it, but if I comment on things it is snark central. I do appreciate a reply or a like, but am not NAZI about it, unless you are someone that never likes or never comments back then see above about how to not follow, seriously I have better places to waste my time after all.