Friday, January 9, 2015

Perception Change in a Matter of Minutes

For the last few days I have been sick and bloated. Yeah I can imagine that was the last thing you wanted to see when you started reading this but bear with me. There are a lot of problems that come with this from, my raging back pain to, of course, my shortness of temper. Those that have never had a sore back do not understand what it is like to have a sore back. Most people who have never had a sore back don’t even know how to take it seriously because it is almost impossible to explain.
Now despite what I just wrote which was a very harsh reality for me for about 9 years, I have been sick and bloated for the last few days, with almost no back pain, and my shortness of temper is just the usual hazard most people deal with as it pertains to me. This of course came out of the push I had undergone lately to eliminate the 10 lbs of “dumbass quit smoking a few years ago” weight that rested just above my rear end, forming another rear end of sorts. Yes that was just said by a man that has spent up to 2 hours a day everyday at the gym since he decided to eliminate the 40 lbs of “dumbass hurt his back and got fat” weight that I started widdling away at 7 years ago.
I stepped on the scale this morning expecting to see it go up a couple of pounds like it always does during a sick and bloated period, and what I found was that I had finally done what I had set out to do. The weight on the scale read 165.2 which coincidentally are 10 lbs less than 40 days ago when I started my rigorous diet program. By rigorous I mean eating healthy AND counting calories, which was the only thing keeping me from getting rid of what I had affectionately called my double butt. This of course allowed me to think of how long it has been since I was 165 lbs, and what all has happened since then, much of which was humorous.
Of course 10 lbs in 40 days doesn’t sound miraculous, but I do after all body build so it was a different procedure than the good old days of starving me and moving up to 3 packs a day instead of 2. I either shifted a lot of the fat to muscle or can just see the muscle so much better now that it appears I did. I spent so much time admiring myself that I forgot I was sick and bloated. Then as I wrote this up to remind myself of such an impressive life victory, I just don’t care that I am. That’s probably how I was back in 2003 which would have been the last time I weighed this much, only without this killer six pack.