Sunday, December 28, 2014

Just Write Damnit

It's hard to believe that I used to be somewhat good at this, as I sit here now wondering how and why to write something about myself. I guess I could sit back and ignore all of the random thoughts that flutter through my head, and give into the voices telling me that nobody wishes to see what you have to write anyway. Guess the best news going for me now a days is that I just don't care, even if it looks like I do because I take time to put some words on the screen and put them in a location that could be seen by others.

Realistically speaking I do this everyday anyway. I post something to my LinkedIn (usually a quote), something I think could be construed as inspirational to MyFitnessPal (usually a personal observation), snap a selfie for my Instagram (there's actually a good reason for that beyond ego), and throw something out to my G+, Facebook, or anything else I think needs attention now and again. Most of the time I "like" things or go all snark commando on other people's posts, for my own personal amusement. I am happy to report that I am no longer driven by the attention of others.

Where does this leave me with all of those "life" observations I used to have so much fun with? This is actually an excellent question, because I still write, just for professional reasons these days. The fortune 500 corporation that I work for decided to change the formulation of their intranet to resemble "Facebook" and I was one of the regional people to work this angle, and with this it meant I was somewhat obligated to "post" and "blog" to try and drag these things out of everyone else. Of course you can only go so far with a format that is mostly created for ego fluffing by the board of directors at the expense of the machine operators. I am happy to report I don't fall under the heading of either.

Today as I tap away at this keyboard on my Surface, while watching the NFL pregame show, I can't help but wonder if my observations that I have made over the last couple of years that are too large for Facebook, too important to me for Tumbler, too wordy for Twitter, and too random for one of my other blogs have a home anywhere. Chances are pretty good that they don't but I rather waste a little time writing them down then sit on the couch alone, watching something on Netflix, regretting that I didn't.