Saturday, July 16, 2011

Still Crowing After All These Years - Volume 1

Well here I am, a newly accepted starving artist {in more ways than one} trying to get my writing rocking and rolling, and at the same time figure out a revenue stream to offset things like “overtime” and “more responsibility” at my own job. The answer was pretty clear as it was laid out by The One, that I should start selling crap online, and see how that goes. Well that in and of itself has become quite a daunting time waster and aside from the fact that I could get a decent blog out of it, makes me want to rip my hair out. Now those that actually understand me, please raise your hand? Thank you both, but I guess I will have to go more into detail for the other two reading this. You see I have one strange problem I inherited from my mother, which is the ability to deflect all that is goo into all that which is unattainable. This will satisfy two needs, one of which being the need to fail, and the other being the need to blame.

It works like this, you see I became an ok writer. I had popularity anyway, and it seemly looked like it would never go away. I was even able to carry it along with me to several places. No matter how good or inspired I got at it there was always a need to destroy it and quit. I did this several times and was either successful {at the quit and disappear part} or unsuccessful {as I would always come back} and then I would need a new thing to dominate my writing time, and make it official. The most notable go around was when I started my small career as an e-mail artist, and was rather successful at that too. Well until I quit, to go back to writing, or was it the websites that did it to me? Oh I can't even keep my failings strait, but you get my point here. This time is no different though but with a twist. My desire to write is for a change not just for me but for someone else {I already made my opinions known on the “You gotta do it for you” crowd} so my mind has to work a bit harder to derail me right now.

This is where the company that will brand my things comes in. It appears that everything I try to put on a T-Shirt or Coffee Mug or what have you is either too over the top political, too copyrighted, too closely related to something a content partner does, or too tasteless. This has been driving me up the wall, and has been making it hard to concentrate on the other things. This is Jeremy 101 at it's finest. Find a problem, immerse yourself in it, fail at what you really should be doing. My poor fiance is probably losing her own hair after each time I stomp my feet and say, “I quit!” just to have me turn around later and say, “Oh I think I have the problem solved now,” and then of course the “I quit!” when they refuse another graphic. Does it really matter? Well f*ck yeah it really matters! This is life changing stuff here as I jump up and down seeking approval dontchaknow?

I figured the safest thing I could brand is my own website, correct? Well now I have to think again on that one. Apparently, there are problems with this as well. For example the graphic that appears on the front page has to be perfectly untraceable in the least to anything anyone else has done. I have to take any mean spirited things that I have said about Zippy the Wonder POTUS out of clear eye shot. I have to make sure that whatever Google Ad appears on the side isn't infringing on the rights of one of the advertisers of the printing company. I have to make sure that it looks good, and I have to make sure that I fill out all of the forms properly. After all that work is completed I have probably wasted an hour or two of writing time and then I sit and wait for the denial of graphic by TOS in my e-mail box. “I quit!” followed by stewing over how I can make it work next time, followed by the Monotony-Go-Round that it has all become.

As you see I have taken painstaking efforts to use a graphic that not only have I made all the images and brushes for, but engineered the filters, and created the font! Yeah yeah I know that was a huge waste of time if it doesn't work but they have me by the shorties here until I make this work damnit! Obsessive compulsive are my two middle names after all. I have written a blog entry that in no way offends The Racist in chief {ok maybe just a little but most stones don't bleed people puh-leeze!} and I will be completely perplexed if this doesn't work all the same. I have made a pact with myself that after I hit the gym, post this blog, snap the screen cap, edit the graphic up and submit it, I am done at least for today. I have a lot of writing to do and a lot of great reasons to get it done. I hope you all have a great weekend. ;8o)