Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Some More Reasons I Am Jeremy Crow Afterall - Volume 16

Oh I stress and I strain but in reality I am what I am. Encouraged along by others I have been trying to be more entrepreneurial and it would be a complete failure if not for the humor it has given me over the last few weeks. I started looking to market items online in hopes of supplementing my income {sh*t plus whatever equals profits} and for the most part it has been a little different than I thought it would go. In reality though it is going exactly as I thought it should go with a few caveats. First of all I know exactly how I treat advertisements for people’s stuff for sale when I see it. With a yawn and a maybe someday, and like anyone else who starts marketing products, I thought I would be different. Oh I’m different alright or so many people have tried to tell me. This is not a bad thing because after all it gives me blog material as I explain the obvious in my John Madden like form because I am the last to find out what I already knew.

The bright side of all of this is that it has made me laugh to make things that are either promotional in nature to whatever it is I happen to be doing, {see Mental Notes Crap or Superdaddyman Crap for examples} or it happens to push along a bit of my political agenda. {see Obama Crap, see Republican Crap or see Democrat Crap for examples} Despite the fact that I have sold one shirt {to my mother} and one mug {to myself} I have had so many laughs making the stuff it hasn’t been a failure at all. On the contrary, the fact that it brings trolls out from under the bridge and also makes people either laugh {or come out from under the bridge} or get indignant, is a huge plus for someone like myself that has huge attention needs. It’s also nice to know that I am building a catalog of products that are licensed to me and give me a profit should someone someday come along and happen to find them. It’s almost like my 401k that I contribute to work, only I don’t have to throw my own money into it to have nothing in the end! Even as I have deleted and re-written this blog {in case anyone noticed but I doubt it} because someone pointed out to me that I had f*cked up all of my wares anyway and I had to go and delete them all because I just don't have time to fix all the screw ups. Technically that is kind of funny when I think about it too.

Then there was the e-book. Part of me is saying, what the hell was I thinking? The other half is saying, it was an excellent conversation piece when it was published. Some day it will be part of what I hope to be a large catalog of books written by me, and it has been a semi-state motivational tool to continue on with my writing. I have been editing one book rather patiently {and realizing that more people will download free portions of my book to comment on the spelling errors than buy it has taught me well} and adding at least a fractional chapter to the other two every day, has me on the right path. You live, you love, you laugh, and you pray that you learned something along the way. I’m even thinking of packaging up all of my dirty blogs for some sort of book just to add another byline in the whole thing. Thank God the book sellers don’t actually post the sales amounts on the book pages or I’d be screwed, but on that note I have been blessed with most people showing up and “liking” it which is what they display.

All in all I have been listening to the advice of others {not taking all of it mind you} and kind of having a laugh about all of that as well. We had a pretty good laugh the other day about how I could make merchandise that is the exact opposite of how I think and it would probably sell gangbusters, but I have no desire to contribute to the delinquency of anyone. I know that sounds pretty strange coming from the world’s oldest delinquent but in reality, there are enough people out there making money off of the drones. I’d rather have better things to laugh about and fill my time until something changes for the better in my money making endeavors. Some would call that weakness, and I would just call it a different value set. It might be the wrong value set, but it is all my own and I have been proud of it for long enough to know that it isn’t worth changing at this stage of the game. I’m pretty happy with the things it HAS actually brought me, and you can’t put a price tag on that! ;8o)