Monday, December 20, 2010

The Jeremy Crow Christmas Countdown 2010 #5

The assault on Christmas that everyone is talking about is hitting a fevered pitch. You have atheists out there preaching tolerance through the elimination of Christmas decorations in every “public” spot they can find one, and let's be real here, that isn't very tolerant. I mean, if we are looking at the problem like adults, I can think of things that are a hell of a lot more offensive than a cross, a manger, or a Santa Claus. This is because it all ties into a theory that I have had for a very long time now, which would be that the average person who gets offended by most things is just an asshole.

Now of course I have joked about the average “enlightened” American just being an asshole with a cause enough to make myself practically famous for it, but if we were to be serious, it can be humorous should you let it be. I mean the first thing I always do when I run into someone who is offended by the plight of the “non Christians” to not be offended by such assaults as a diorama of the baby Jesus polluting their Post Office, is ask them what their favorite sports teams are. Nine out of Ten times they are either huge fans of the typical “asshole” teams {Yankees fan living in the Boston area, Cowboys fan living no where near Dallas, Redwings fan living in Flyers territory etc etc etc} or they outright hate sports and want to take the opportunity to complain about sports salaries. Why is this? Because they enjoy the misery of others that are either a local sports fan, or are just happy to have the diversion of sports that the salaries mean nothing to them. It gets worse.

Lately I have seen the uber-non Christians, out in full force. The Penn Gillette's who have great insight into Libertarian politics but are so completely intolerant towards other people's religious views that they become a laudable asshole at the mere mention of anything God related. Their superiority over what they consider “being lied to” in and of itself is a religion, and perhaps if it wasn't for the actual tolerance of Christians, they should be banned from public places. The question here is of “faith” and what one person believes is almost always different than what another person believes. This doesn't exactly make anyone stupid, but often we fall into the trap of believing it does. Shouting down someone who has {and let's be real here a far more popular} belief system does add to the asshole mentality.

Then there is the crying about commercialism as it pertains to the holidays. Let's understand one thing here, but this is a capitalist society, and it is the reason America has been the greatest society in history. I don't care about the commercialism of any holiday. Be it Christmas, Halloween, Mother's Day or even Groundhogs day if they could get a better PR agent for it. Anything that spurs commerce is a good thing in a free society, and for the betterment of all involved. Packed stores mean more jobs, more overtime, and more goods being manufactured, and any time I have been able to poke under the surface, you find that the average “anti-Commercialism” style asshole, can be brought out into the sunlight as someone who is against those things as well. These fall into two distinct categories. You have the people who actually do want the collapse of the American capitalist society, and hopefully a fall into some sort of Progressive socialism, where those other “enlightened” people rule over the rest of us. Then you have the “useful idiots” that either parrot anti capitalist rhetoric because they want to be smart, or seriously want it to end thinking something other than a socialist slavery ensues. The “pure anarchy” idiots that seem to think no rules is cool, but haven't read enough history to know it ends in despotism every time.

The fact of the matter is, Christmas makes kids happy. Sure there are kids out there that don't have enough, or their parents have done something to ruin what would usually be a happy event {I can only imagine how fucked up a strict “Hate God” atheists child ends up} whether it be poverty, alcoholism, addiction, or knowitallism. This is NOT the fault of everyone or society in general. We were all born with free will, and many turn it into a free for all. Some along the line become jaded by the actions of others but most become jaded by the actions of self. I have said for a very long time that “We are what our parents make us and if you choose to stay that way blame YOU,” keeping in mind that I say this NOT as a devout Christian that has enjoyed every Christmas. Quite the contrary, as I have come from a couple of messed up parents that should have taken a test before they became parents. I made a conscious decision to overcome this. This is why I am a local sports fan, quite happy that every athlete gets the most money they possibly can for their services, fearing God, and doing the best I can to give my children a happy Christmas, while at the same time wishing my Jewish friends a Happy Chanukah, my Muslim friends a peaceful Ramadan, my black friends a Happy Kwanzaa {although my black friends look at me and say “Get the fuck outta here”} and if I am aware of them, any other holiday that comes up. In other words, it's stupid to hate a holiday, and if it is that bad, seek help! ;8o)