Friday, March 5, 2010

The Making of Jeremy Crow 4.0 - Volume 1

Here comes the birthday blog. There are many of these birthdays that are milestones in your life, should you be fortunate enough to continue along the path. I have always subscribed to the theory that getting old ain't so bad when you consider that the alternative sucks, but there is that one day a year when you still have to debate that point. This one of course has one of those numbers that stands out, and past 21 none of them really have “benefits” and of course in my case I didn't even have the “benefits” of 21. The chronological order goes something like this, 10 equals double digits, 13 equals teenager, 16 equals driver's license, 18 equals adult, 21 equals booze, and then they all sort of blend in together, in whatever form of, Oh My God I am getting older!

Well to be more realistic on my age today, I will just say that in Jack Benny terms, I am on my second strait 39. I am also unhappy to report that people that tell you 40 is just like 30 are so full of crap, or so entrenched in their own denial that it would be funny, were I not the petrie dish for this little experiment myself. I'm sure some would point out that my own flair for the overly dramatic doesn't help this, but I feel a hell of a lot different than I did, ten years ago. It takes a little longer to get out of bed each day and then it goes downhill from there. I'm not speaking from the mouth of someone who doesn't fight age either, but I am of course speaking from the mouth of someone who is rather damaged in his own rights. I could blame many of my aches and pains on my ravaged back, but at the same time I can't repair it either so I have to roll with what I know.

Now if I was just to go back ten years and play a bit of addition and subtraction my landscape changes dramatically. A lot of it is things I probably wouldn't have noticed either. I was working on my second marriage. I only had 2 children. I had never had chicken pox. I lived in a trailer home. I had never had a back injury. The list goes on and on, but the major factor in all of this is that I survived it all, and am pretty damn sure I will survive more. I will have good days and I will have bad days throughout it all. I like everyone else in this country am guaranteed the pursuit of happiness. Nothing more, nothing less, but of course it leads me into another one of those problems that comes with age. Wisdom and experience, and that can go a long way to a short pier if I let it.

With that I start on the things I learned just in this last year, and that makes the 9 before it, and all of the simple groans and strains of getting older seem like nothing more than folly. I learned that my son has spent the last 2 weeks in his science class learning how to create a blog about global warming. It's times like that, when I don't even feel the need to defend my political leanings anymore. I learned that despite all of my complete and utter disdain for the government around me, there are plenty of people that think differently. I am not afraid to say they are wrong anymore, because my inability to speak logic against feelings, has gotten stronger and stronger each year I have been alive. When my daughter came home from school a few months ago explaining to the family that “The Rainforest will be gone in 20 years” I started my new hobby of disrupting school board meetings. When she came home from school telling me that “The teacher said the rainforest will be gone in 20 years, but she has to say that they have been saying that for 50” I knew the town's enmity towards me was worth it.

Last but not least I want to thank my cyber Mom, Cathy because while she is going through a horribly rough time in her reality, she took a moment to text me in our almost reality and wish me a happy birthday. Her and her Husband, Don will always be that one thing that no matter what happens in my life I can always say, “But I met Cathy and Don!” Two more people that not only had I not met 10 years ago, but also hadn't met until absolutely all of the pain and anguish I can accredit to my span of 40 years had already happened. Always keep these things in mind when you get through that next rotten thing and add another year to your lifespan. There is always something good on the horizon. This especially comes into effect as there has been a rash of suicides among people who haven't even made it to the ripe old age of 40 yet lately. I can clearly state that 3 divorces, almost dying twice, a life altering back injury, kids that give me as many ulcers as they do joy, poverty, the ever increasing encroachment of the “surrounded by idiots” theory, alcoholism, being sued by 2 gigundous corporations, popularity followed by lack of popularity by popularity by lack by who the hell knows, followers and no followers, thousands of stupid things said, thousands of stupid deeds done, and every other damn thing that has hit the brick wall I call my brain will not keep me from looking forward to my third 39 birthday party ;8o)

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