Monday, March 1, 2010

Livin With Evils's - Volume 33

Well I was perfectly happy to do my job on Thursday night, which is probably hard for a lot of you to believe, but I had my reasons. You see in the janitorial world there are a few things that will get you jazzed for work. There are those nights when the secretaries throw out some sort of sexy lingerie catalogs, there's the rare occasion when they have some sort of function and leave you all the left over brownies and cookies, there's the times when they leave out all the super secret information on business dealings for you to read, there's payday, and then there are the times when you get new toys to do your job. This Thursday was all but one, as I didn't find any sexy lingerie catalogs, but was scarfing down brownies, reading the latest quarterly reports, enjoying the fact that my paycheck was safely deposited that morning, and wearing my shiny new Raven XL backpack vacuum. Life was good.

I had called my girlfriend {yes I said girlfriend} after I finished destroying my diet, filling my head full of inane dollars and cents information, and getting all of the glittery sand granules out of the carpet, when I started noting how the wind was pounding the building in an explosive fashion. Even as I was driving across the street the lights flickered in the building behind me. This isn't unusual because out in sticks where the Pink Mafia Headquarters is located the power is almost always sketchy at best, but whether the power stays on is often up to God more than the electric company. Back at the factory, the wind would hit the garage doors with such blasts that people kept thinking it was thunder. When the power finally did go out for the last time, it was serious enough to give a sort of finality to it all. The crew met up in the break room, where they sat for the mandatory hour before they considered it a wash and then left for the night. I stuck it out.

Around 2am when it was time for me to leave I noticed that most of the people that had left for the night were steadily streaming back into work. Unfortunately all of the roads leading out of PMHQ were covered in downed trees or completely washed out by flooding. The parking lot was destroyed because the wind had managed to knock over and blow around all of the recycling so paper, cans and bottles were flying around like crazy. Just about all I could do was repair the recycle bins and hope the storm would take care of all of the paper, cans and bottles. Then it was up to me to see if I wanted to make the trek home and see how everyone there was doing. Let's just say it was the longest drive home I had ever made as I waited for road crews to chainsaw many of the fallen trees and in other cases had to do some rather risky off road driving to get past others. That was until I got to my own road which was completely blocked off due to downed power lines. Not just in a few places either, but MOST places along the mile long stretch of road, to which my house is at the end.

I was still in reasonably good spirits because the power was on along route 1 as I came back towards it from the blockaded road. The fact of the matter is, your power gets back on quicker where I live if civilization is still up, so that was a plus, until I saw two huge blasts of what looked like purple lightning. Then the power went out everywhere. I learned the next day that this is what it looks like when main power transformers give out, but with the main businesses along the major routes in the dark, I could immediately assume an extra 24 hours at the very least before I would have electricity at my house.

The city was in a complete blackout as I went the long way around to get to the back half of my road. If my house had been 3 places further along the road, I would have been out of luck because the downed lines blocked the street over there. This marked about a half mile of downed power lines which made my prospects of electricity slim and none for at least Friday. Now of course we had prepared to the teeth for something like this happening again after our December surprise in 2008. We had a cord of wood, we had plenty of D Batteries {for those in the know D cell batteries are gone in all the stores in a matter of hours} we had a good store of LED flashlights {for those also in the know an LED flashlight will get you about 100 times more from the same amount of batteries and are not a fire risk} and I had personally stocked the cupboards with plenty of canned food {mostly because I am expecting Barack Ocommunism to collapse the dollar any day now and want to make sure I have 6 months worth of food at all times} as well as plenty of propane for the grill so we can cook up all the perishable meats. Life should be good from here on out correct?

Well Friday came and went with no electricity and Saturday came and went with no electricity. It was the same thing that happened the last time too. Every region in my area was up and running by Saturday afternoon, and my house along with about 12 others was left without power. The feelings of being left out started running rampant. Oh boohoohoo, but it happens to anyone. Looking down the street I could see all that electricity flowing all night Saturday, and most of the day Sunday. By this time I was crippled over from the arthritis {cold is murder on it} and ready to kill my children like a scene out of the Shining. Yeah I know it makes me a horrible parent for missing out on all of these wonderful opportunities for “togetherness” wrapped around a single fireplace in a dark house, but I am at least honest enough to admit my limitations. A son with ADHD, who complained about everything from the choice of food to the amount of board games and a daughter who hasn't shut up since she was 2, and had her own complaints about everything is too much for anyone in a 72 hour period. When the power had finally come on I was in the process of separating them {from me as well} and accepting that there would be a certain level of casualties in any crisis. It wasn't anything a hot shower and my e-mail wouldn't cure a couple of hours later. Yeah I'm fickle.

Now here it is Monday afternoon. I am gearing up to go to work and in a scary way I am looking forward to going in there. The destruction that all of these storms and blackouts created should make my job a nightmare tonight, but I am hoping the time will fly by. I still have a hard time typing as my knuckles haven't quite gotten back into the shwerve of things from all the cold. When all is said and done the break from my own house and family is what I really need tonight. I love them all to death {and that was near figurative} but I also need some Jeremy time and that wasn't a possibility the last few days. Even if I am doing things that would moderately amount to “work” tonight it will be a welcome change to have that sense of sanity that can only come from listening to my own thoughts for a bit instead of the thoughts of everyone else. I guess I should just monitor myself for a few days to make sure that the voices aren't still there when the kids aren't ;8o)

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