Friday, February 5, 2010

Superdaddyman Takes on the Pink Mafia - Volume 19

Of course there is nothing better than sitting around in the ballroom of a fancy hotel and going through a seminar on company safety, but in the city of Megalopolis, this can be a harrowing adventure in and of itself boys and girls. It was extreme deep cover for everyone's favorite super villain turned super hero, as tracking the evil doings of the dreaded Pink Mafia had officially gone prime time. The Caped Pervader was taken off his game as he was surrounded by many of the most hardened criminal thugs that make up the minor reality of the Pink Mafia under culture alone but to have to do it in unfamiliar surroundings to boot is something that requires mad skills. This can't be good when the second obstacle was placed firmly in the path of the Superdaddyman throughout. The cute little waitresses in pencil skirts carrying food.

During the brief moments of clarity that the Superdaddyman took time away from his duties {staring at the legs in black stockings as they passed hither and fro} we find our brave young {damnit!} hero being fraught with peril from a new operative from the mountain regions of PMHQ. She was trying to indoctrinate the thuggery of Pink Mafia East Coast {PMEC} toward a culture of safety that should lead them all towards a never ending Barney Song of happiness. The Superdaddyman was a bit worried in the beginning as she was extolling the virtues of everyone throughout the Pink Mafia becoming “spies” for the greater good. In the name of “safety” she actually expected the gang of thirty four to scope out their environments on a daily basis for the overall health a productivity of the work force. Of course with out much thinking {and that can be a good thing} the Caped Pervader remembered that most of these people will never become intimately related to their environment, the environment of others, or reality in general and was able to get back to the important work of examining the fair maidens of Megalopolis as they carried food around.

Heaven forbid that anyone in the Pink Mafia simply pick up their messes because it's the right thing to do? In the end like so many policies in a corporate environment {aka Criminal Empire}, you simply have to equate common decency with a safety violation so that you can fire someone for idiocy as opposed to firing someone for idiocy outright. Now a simple rule of “clean up your messes and organize your workspace or we'll fire you” has to be placed in the context of “clean up your messes and organize your workspace because OSHA says we can fire you” keeps the ACLU from showing up and defending the rights of someone to be stupid. The Superdaddyman despite being one of the super secret agents of all that is good and safe in this world always fears days when you have to pit one whacko extreme organization against another whacko extreme organization just to run a whacko extreme organization efficiently. The one thing unemployment crisis has done for Megalopolis is made it easy to threaten people to shape up or don't work.

Towards the end of the evil seminar we find our favorite super hero sitting in his group of five working hard on a project {playing Operation .. and not the good kind of Operation that involves the fair maidens in the pencil skirts} where as four people attempt to do death defying tasks {pulling plastic bones out of a game board without setting off a buzzer} and the other one is given the task to “observe” them and take notes. The Operative From The Mountains {OFM} didn't seem to like the way the Superdaddyman cut strait to the chase with his observations {they're idiots and nobody should have given them tools to begin with} and took his “observing duties” away from him. This gave him more time to set off the buzzers while the fair maidens of Megalopolis leaned over tables to get the dishes on the other side, often pulling the heels of their feet out of their shoes {God that's HOT} and muse about how observant he truly is! The complete novice that was taking “observations” during this didn't even get the reasons for his inability to extract the “charlie horse” correctly right. Had he truly been observant he would have blamed it on the redhead, and not the generic “lacks focus” crap that he used. See what the Superdaddyman has to deal with here?

After another wonderful round of training {Jenga .. and the Superdaddyman fared much better here as the fair maidens of Megolopolis had since vanished} the entire hostage situation was ended with a grade of B+ applied by the OFM. She must have watched the Presidential grading system on that one, but we are sure that there were bonus points applied since nobody actually go hurt during the endeavor. Upon being released the entire gang minus one Superdaddyman {who was the only one who had to go back to PMHQ and work .. rats} took their particular brand of evil to the hotel bar, in an attempt to do what they usually do. Get the Pink Mafia banned from ever attending another function at that particular hotel. This being a rather perplexing predicament as this is the last hotel that the Pink Mafia has yet to suffer a lifetime ban from, but then again the Superdaddyman hasn't gotten around to checking the PMHQ communique {e-mails} on the subject yet. That has probably changed since last night. ;8o)

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