Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tales of Tease - Volume 12

Disclaimer! Please Read!! This blog will contain things that are not exactly suitable for all, and will be a little sexually graphic in nature. Hell, it will also be VERY long, and is a testament to how low my mind can go. If you DO NOT like sexual fantasies, and you especially don’t like ones that might be a little over the top, then crying to Yahell, your friends, me, or your mommy, will not overcome the fact that you are an idiot for reading past here. Thank You … signed The Madman Behind the Big Curtain!

The moonlight comes through the window in a way to make your hair shine in my hands, as I have just finished kissing your lips for at least the hundredth time today. The pout that comes across your lips though, as you realize, eyes still closed that my lips have left yours makes my heart soar. It always does and now I am left to wonder how I ever lived without the taste of your lips. The good news is that I will never have to again as I take your quivering tongue into my mouth, through our parted lips and gently bring my right hand from your hair. Sliding it down your back to start gently massaging your lower back with my fingers, you moan and sigh gently as I do.

The way you are sitting with your legs over mine as we bend into each other to share our sweet kisses is invigorating despite all of the clothing you have on. Your long flowing skirt sprawled out over me, just signifies how our nights end usually with us caressing and tasting each others lips before we even bother to get undressed in the bedroom. Your hand gently rests in my lap and starts fondling that which is always yours. My left hand has now slid down your cheek and is taking apart the buttons on your blouse, and doing a lousy job as I tremble, so that my hand can slide in and start caressing your breasts unimpeded by only your bra. The tips of your fingers trace the shaft of my already throbbing self as your breasts start firming and darting out themselves.

My right hand has very shrewdly unfastened the top clasp on the back of your skirt and has now started working on the second one as the left hand has already started on the rest of the buttons on your blouse. The second moan escapes your lips as you pull your mouth away from me and my lips take gentle kisses all the way back towards your ear where my tongue welcomes your earlobe into my mouth and then my lips suckle down on it. Every last inch of you always tastes beautiful and no matter what you always smell like the scent of what love must smell like. The purring, coos and moans that come from you are the songs of the very angels that I think you are, sent down from heaven to show me joy. You have never failed me during times like these when we are slowly savoring the undressing and the intoxication of heading to heaven which is what I consider being inside you to be.

Your fingers have unclasped my pants now and your blouse is totally open before my fingers slyly unclasp your bra to reveal the most beautiful breasts God ever placed on a woman. My t-shirt is the only thing keeping me from feeling the soft warm skin of them as they press against me and I feel your hardened nipples pressed against my chest. You grab the shirt and rip it off of me as you stand up to let your skirt fall to the floor allowing me to see your beautiful area just above the sheer tan stockings that you had been wearing all day. I can tell that you had been getting so amazingly wet as we kissed and one look at me makes you give that evil little laugh as you can tell that I am craven to taste your nectar as it flows from you. The tease that you are, you step back to slip out of your shoes and drop your blouse and bra on the floor and then you say to me, “You still look at me the way you did when you first looked at my body, and it makes me feel special,” which is followed by you slinking over to me and pushing me back onto the sofa.

You grab my jeans and rip them down off of me, and then toss them off to the side and then look at me the same way you always have which makes me near giddy. That look like a child getting exactly what they wanted on Christmas makes me feel more like the only man in the world than just the luckiest. When you get down on your knees in front of me and start running your hands along my legs and smile at me, it is about all the torture that you have on your mind tonight, but it is just enough to make me get that look of extreme need for you that I know you were looking for. Your fingernails gently scratching up my shins and then onto my thighs has my begging written all over my face, and the look of pure evil intentions is drowned out only by the look of total love and adoration on your face as you move in closer. Your fingernails are just running back and forth on my thighs on each side of my erection, and it is taking everything in me not to start begging you to just touch me. I smell of need anyway, and I can tell that you are drinking in the scent of lust.

The slow movement of your hand as it finally reaches in to grasp me and starts to caress me as I have so freely given myself over to you as your own forever seems like an eternity of burning torture. The second you have it grasped within your hand my body swells out a moan from deep inside of me, and I can feel your smile as you love the drama of ecstasy that you create in me. You especially love knowing that only you can do this to me as well and you thank me like you always do by gently sliding your tongue down my shaft and then saying, “I love you,” between all of the wide soft kisses you put on the side of it. Even now you still let out a little “Ooo,” every time it wells up so hard that it jumps a bit and hits your lips. You always did love that and usually show your gratitude as you do right now by suckling very hard right on the vein below the head of it. Every time I steal my glances downward I see a woman showing me such amazing love and respect with how she delights in gently and lovingly savoring me.

Your gorgeous eyes just stare up at me as your tongue continues to stroke me, and I can always see you fighting back a smile as you watch your complete ownership over me take hold every time you have me like this. I always know when you are going to take all of me in because of the way you finally do let off a smile which is my warning that I am going to be overwhelmed with bliss very quickly and also your knowing that it’s coming as well. Your beautiful lips part and slowly you take all of me in, and then they slide the entire way down it as your tongue completely slathers the bulging veins along the bottom. Some days like today your nails enthusiastically dig right into the skin on my torso, and I let out a huge gasp which you respond to with a moan of your own, but the moan gets a bit louder as you draw your lips away from it and down to the end. You so enjoy watching me squirm in ecstasy from your mouth swallowing me repeatedly and that’s when you give the usual signal that you want me to take you over the edge too.

I felt the most glowing sadness as you took your mouth away from me, but enjoyed the smile as you grabbed my hand and dragged my up to the bedroom. Throwing me down on the bed, you left no room for conjecture. I lean forward to start beckoning you to take your position with your gorgeous lips nestled above my mouth so that I can taste you the way I wish I could all day. Now is our time after all as the moonlight still shimmers in off of your back starting to glisten a bit with sweat. The feel of the soft nylon as my hands caress your thighs makes me even harder but it’s the sight of you right above my mouth that makes me so hard that it is almost impossible for you to move. My tongue gently moves up your glistening lips until it flicks hard against your clit making you quiver on top of me. You haven't missed a beat with your mouth as your lips continue to stroke up and down my hard shaft. The scent down here is intoxicating as always and you still taste as beautiful as the first time your moistened pussy found it’s way to my lips.

My teeth start grinding against you a bit as my tongue enjoys the soft flesh of your lips. I thank God for every last drop of nectar that falls into my mouth and enjoy the feel of it as it drools down my cheeks. I know that you can never get this wet for anyone but me, as you know that I am only hard like I am for you. I feel your whole body jump when my tongues tip slides against the spot on your lips that acts as hot and amazingly responsive as where you are so swollen. A mid moan coming from you I go in for the kill as I suck your swollen clit into my mouth hard, and start batting at it with my tongue in a way that opens it up a bit and forces your body to rattle the way I like it to. You try to pull away from the fire but my hands have grabbed hold of your ass and are clutching you tight as my arms are wrapped around your thighs. You know that you are mine and I will have you no matter what you try to do to get out of the painful orgasm that I am about to inflict upon you. With an even more profound rattling and the obvious weakness in your legs I can feel your body exploding on top of me, and my mouth feels the hot deliciousness start flowing from your lips, as my tongue starts lapping it up as fast as it can escape you. My tongue continues to batter your clit, like a war is going on as you continue trying to escape. Your only recourse is as always to take me full into your mouth and start sucking on it so hard that I can feel you just about to suck the very life right out of me.

As always my love, your plan worked as my own fear of losing this moment before I get to feel the inside of beautiful you that I have been enjoying with my mouth, is too much for me to bare. I do release you which makes you start moving towards your perch upon me. I surprise you though by rolling over on top of you and kissing you deeply and passionately which forces you to have to pull your lips away to let out a moan when I start rubbing my throbbing hard against your clit. Perching up to my knees I stare down at the most beautiful woman on earth as she lay there looking up at me with the most awe inspiring love in her eyes as I take the tip and start painting you with it. The tip gets so soaked with your juices but I continue to just rub it up and down your lips and across your clitoris forcing you to wriggle and moan. I finally say what I have been dying to say this whole time, “I love you, and you are the only woman on earth and I just adore you,” and then slide into the entrance to heaven, before I lean into you so that your arms can envelope me.

“I love you,” escapes your lips with tears as you always do when we make love. Both of us still get rather teary eyed just out of the sheer happiness of being able to feel this good. The tip of me just barely inside of you starts throbbing hard as your soft moist lips throb around it. After your legs find their way around my thighs and are resting inside of my calves we feel completely connected, ready to start making love properly, lovingly, and effortlessly as it is what we do naturally. I start to slide slowly inside of you savoring every soft centimeter of the inside of you around it. I can feel the warmth of you with every little bit further I get into you and your moan is growing louder as I get all the way to the end. Our flesh is completely merged and I stay pressed as hard into you as I possibly can so that we can feel our own heart beats start to synchronize through the throbbing between our loving lock and key. You immediately start telling me repeatedly in my ear, “I love you. I love you so much. I need you like I always need you,” and the throbbing just gets worse as it always does.

My hips start to slide me back and forth so that not only my throbbing massages deep inside you drawing every inch of me through you, but also very diligently making sure that the flesh above rubs hard against your clit, as I always try to. Your body and mine are rattling like they always do and the “I love yous” come flying out of both of us like breathing at this point. I get even harder as it usually does inside of your soft warm self, until our own destiny to be joined simply creates such an amazingly tight grip on both of us. The pleasure that I feel from you is impossible to explain as nothing in the world feels as good as making love to the woman that I cherish as much as I do you, and from what you have told me you totally understand. Our lips meet every once in a while to kiss and heighten the pleasure that we both feel from each other. Your moans have turned into screams and my moans have turned into a growl, but the soft swishing sound of me sliding in and out of you as always is pure intoxication.

I start swelling as I well up far too much to contain what I have been saving for you all day, and your own body as always senses that it is getting it’s love injected into it and starts to quiver under me. Your own orgasm starts violently erupting as I finally give in and let loose a hard stream with my hips pushing me into you as deep as I can possibly go and your legs and your arms squeeze me in as tight as they possibly can in their own effort to make sure that your cum that is inside of me as deep as it possibly can into you as it flows. I'm already dripping from your juices and my mind starts swirling from the madness of losing it with the woman I love every bit as hard and blissfully as the first time we had together. Our bodies are totally pressed into each other as hard as they possibly can and the last few drops finally leave me and end up in the place that God had specifically created for it, and the two of us melt together into one ball.

I whisper into your ear, “I love you so much sweetie, and I always will,” which you reciprocate in kind and then start nibbling a bit on my ear while your fingernails gently scratch along my back. Your stockinged calf starts rubbing up and down the back of my thigh, and my entire body gets warmer from it all. My hips start rocking back and forth making my still rock hard cock start sliding in and out of you again, and you start moaning between giggles as you know that we’ve only just started to make love tonight ;8o)

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