Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some More Reasons I Am Jeremy Crow Afterall - Volume 15

Another day, another tragedy. Yeah I wish, because its the identical tragedy of which I had written about yesterday. How sad is that? The only difference is that I am sitting down here, and so is Captain ADHD because I was forced to lay down the ultimate law, and all of the crying and sulking, and irrational behavior wasn't going to change this. Considering that this is the second day in a row, of the same issue, I was forced to go in for the kill and I will deal with the aftermath tomorrow. Which child was it that had to get the “wood shed” treatment? The 80 year old one of course!

I take my responsibility in this kinda, if you accept the parameters that a co-dependent is supposed to accept his emotional abuse, then sure, it's my fault as well. When Greektradgedius Inyiddish walked through my office {seeing as the garage door with my car that she uses is connected to it} with Captain ADHD, and Imtoocutus in tow, she said absolutely nothing. If you understand the art of Abuso-Fu, then you instinctively know that this is a ploy to stimulate the other person to say something so that you can, barrage them with blinding emotional abuse, because they deserve it for addressing you first. This is only employed when the Black Belt in Abuso-Fu, desperately needs to retaliate on someone, and I should have just put in the ball-gag and “bitched up” for the tirade that was boiling under the surface, by uttering the magic word, “Hello” that it would have taken. I did not, I just continued on with building my website like a coward, and by the laws of co-dependency, what happened next was completely my fault. Get it?

A little while later Captain ADHD came down the stairs holding the telephone and asking if he could go over to Captain Chaos's house for the day. I told him that if he wanted to go to youth group later, that he probably shouldn't since he needed to get his room cleaned and get his homework done first. He couldn't do that from Captain Chaos's house, and he agreed and rejected the idea, at first. After another phone call from Captain Chaos, he had decided that he wanted to go there and skip youth group. This should have been another sign of what was going on, but my mind reading abilities were off, and the willing accomplices over at Captain Chaos's house didn't set off any red flags either. He had even gotten one of them to come pick him up {a rarity} and had Greektradgedius Intraining to pick him up afterward. Without any form of personal pain and suffering in the whole ordeal on my behalf there should have been bells going off, but I was feeling lazy today.

Of course right about now was when I heard all of the commotion going on above me. It appeared that Greektradgedius Inyiddish, and Greektradgedius Intraining were having quite a roe upstairs. This could only mean that it involved me, and if I had a brain I would have stayed downstairs and let them kill each other, but I guess I don't have to tell anyone that I don't have a brain. I went upstairs to find out first hand what had gone on all day without my knowledge thanks to my own ignorance, since I really did know better. Confused yet? Well you shouldn't be, because if you understand any of this, then you know that I had been duped by someone and there was hell to pay. Greektradgedius Inyiddish was upset because she had told both of the kids that they weren't going anywhere today. She had even told Imtoocutus that she couldn't go to er friend's birthday party, and now here we were sending Captain ADHD to his friend's house. Heaven forbid she share any of this with us, but again it is my fault for not setting myself up for the abuse earlier.

The answer to why they were both in personal detention, was the usual “They were naughty!” and I'm pretty sure the reason my parent's generation is so fucked up must be the generation before it's ability to identify every problem with the broad brush of “naughty,” and almost nothing else. You rather get this impression of people aimlessly wandering around with post traumatic stress disorder based on beatings for being “naughty” with no solutions. I try not to operate that way, but I digress for now. I had the sheer joy of telling Captain ADHD that he wasn't going because he was “naughty” and then got to wait in the driveway for Captain Chaos's father to show up so I could tell him to turn around and drive back because of “naughty” Captain ADHD. I always enjoy spreading such discord with no explanation that is reasonable or feasible. Oh but I got my revenge.

Naughty Imtoocutus was sent to the third floor, where she is not allowed to leave, and Naughty Captain ADHD was sent to the first floor where he is being blocked from leaving by yours truly. He is not happy about this, but I have the wonderful knowledge of him being “naughty” to try and teach him better. It's kinda like when you stand over a puppy and yell “bad dog bad” and they just learn so much. Well they learn that they don't want to hear “bad dog bad” anyway. Captain ADHD is furious with me, and I have nothing to teach him in the end except don't be naughty” and I'll get back to you if I ever actually learn what being “naughty” entails. That doesn't mean that I have any pity on him either. I have a pretty good idea what he did wrong, and I can't go upstairs and spank the 80 year old which is what I would do in a perfect world. Then she would stop expecting everyone else to be perfect and escalating every bad situation into a nightmare on everyone else.

Now in a matter of two days, we have had house warfare based on double standards on both ends. One set intentional and one set accidental albeit foolishly should have been anticipated. Imtoocutus does {as usual} make out better in the whole ordeal, since she still has her older sister to torment. Captain ADHD on the other hand doesn't and we are going to keep it that way. I did go upstairs and have a talk with Greektradgedius Inyiddish about the whole theory of “naughty” and ask her to start writing down examples of what has been done that is “naughty” and hopefully I can start working on these things. I'd be lying if I didn't expect to be sitting here with a list in front of me this time next week bitching in another blog. “At 6am while eating breakfast he was naughty,” and “At 7am while waiting for the school bus he was naughty,” then “At 5:30pm we were at the dinner table and he was naughty!” and so on and so forth. Another day on the merry go round ;8o)

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