Sunday, January 3, 2010

Resolutions & Various Other Things - Volume 1

Well you know it doesn't count unless I blog about it, but my New Years resolution this year is to clean up all of my online presence. Now what the hell does that mean you may ask? It means that I need to clean up and deal with ALL of my online stuff, and hopefully make it easier to deal with. There is a two fold reasoning behind this as I find that even I get too confused where the hell my crap is and how to get to it, but also with my first book finished and in the re-write process {no it wasn't The Slammer believe it or not, but The Twins of Kane managed to write itself over the last few months of celibacy} which forces me to admit that my name recognition has sunk so low that there are other Jeremy Crow's making Google notoriety. Re-organization is the key to making myself potentially more available and easier to reach if not outright understood.

The re-write process on a novel is tedious at best, and can drive me up the wall. If I thought just sitting down and writing something was hard enough, repairing all my own “tense” issues that manifest themselves is completely without equal. Of course I do a few pages each day, and try to elongate things wherever possible, but I need to put it down from time to time and write other things just to keep from going mental. I really enjoyed doing a month long Christmas countdown this year, but at the same time there was so many other things I wanted to write as well, and they didn't fit, so I had to find other places and a few of them were just plain hostile. In turn I started the idea of keeping other blogs. With that I also noted a lot of trends that I hadn't taken advantage of in my own endeavors, which makes me kinda jealous of those that kept up with the Jones's all along. Now that there are things like “Blogger Followers” and other gadgets I had really been out of the loop.

Now of course I am working pretty hard through my ADHD to clean everything up. I started a separate blog just for my porn and one just for my political junk, which actually had less to do with my making it less accessible for those that complain and more accessible for those that want it. For everyone that stumbles in to see a Superdaddyman adventure, there are just as many who think the Superdaddyman stuff sucks and wants red meat. I happen to like all of them, but want to be read more often without the clashes. On that part of it all, I also have gotten so fast a typing {for now anyway as the arthritis is taking on a life of it's own} that I can write 3 or 4 blogs in the amount of time it used to take me to write 1. With that I wouldn't read 4 Jeremy Crow sized blogs a day so I wouldn't expect anyone else to either. In reality the best solution is to not cram 1 blog full of stuff, and have 3 or 4 smaller ones. I am not the first to come up with this and I won't be the last. I also decided to redo my cybernovels in their own blogs just so my Twitter can blast those out on a daily basis too. Advertising my friends, but I also hope to pick up some “Followers” on the blogs too because it gets lonely in the blogosphere sometimes.

Back to my site and the evolution of it, I realized {ok I was told} that my site was impressive looking, but a pile of garbage with broken links all over the place. To be blunt, that type of honesty always motivates me. I had been thinking about fixing it all up, but the motivation wasn't really there. I didn't really think anyone was paying much attention to it, and that slap in the face reminded me that they shouldn't either. An old friend had actually found my Newsvine page and was reading along with my writings and was wondering why I would write on such a hell hole, before they found my own home page, and understood that I had other hell holes to write in that I had created myself. I kinda get a chuckle out of that, but it was true. I started rebuilding the blogs first so I would have the motivation to rebuild the site, and I think it worked great because now as the site gets rebuilt I have extra content and motivation to talk about. Life is rarely a race and more of a slog, so whatever gets you from point A to point B is a good investment. Somehow I have found the experience to be fun anyway, and it is all about me.

The hard part will be getting the whole thing updated and keeping it that way. I have a habit of letting years go by between updates on these things. My 15 minutes of fame ended years ago, but that doesn't mean I have to go so damn gracefully. If anything I am a rebel in my own causes, and obscurity by my own devices is purely insane. I do have a dream in all of this after all, and I am happy to say that in my own mind it is going along swimmingly. If anyone within the sound of this blog has a few minutes please take a click over to my homepage and play around with some of the gadgets and toys. Let me know how I am doing, or anything that you think would make it better. I am only as clever as I am and that is a finite entity. I appreciate any help I can get and I have already had a couple of people very close to me throwing their two bits in, and appreciating it very much. I can always use more input. I would also be thrilled if anyone poking into my blogs would add themselves to my followers so I can be one of the cool kids. That is the whole point isn't it? Well perhaps not, but it doesn't hurt ;8o)

You can reach the New Home Page of Jeremy Crow Here {Not that it isn't everywhere anyway} ;8oP

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