Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Jeremy Crow Christmas Countdown 2009 #7

Now we start the live part of the Christmas Countdown. Although I cheated this year and placed Christmas Countdown 2009 entries in with the oldies {so if you missed them shame on you} this is the official starting point for this year. I want to start if off with the gratitude I feel for the people that STILL follow me and treat me like family from the very beginning of my writing days. Don, Cathy and Chrystal all sent me the usual Christmas Cards and Presents and as always I feel so unworthy to have friends I have never met face to face, but are completely “friends” in the greatest sense of the word. I had cheated this year and written all of the entries ahead of time to make damn sure that I had them if God turns out the electricity again, but so far so good. This one and of course the one for Christmas day itself are reserved for last minute so that they are properly fit in.

Now Christmas this year is most likely going to be the easiest in a long time. Now that I have said that I know a few people are anxiously waiting for Christmas day to see how truly stupid it was for me to say that. I should say that it looks like it is going to be an easy one anyway. The Mother of all the Evils's is on some sort of medication and her new boyfriend {if they are still together you never know} appears to be making her take it. Thanks to that one little effort I have avoided the usual yearly “but why can't I damage the kids this Christmas” whiney phone calls that have become the norm. That alone might make this the best Christmas ever! Throw in the fact that everyone on this end seems to be content with the usual amount of whining without bringing it to greater levels than the last year, I think I'm home free!

I had already blogged {in one of those new ones evil people might have missed} that all my Christmas shopping was done, and I did it right this year too. Autographed Mark Levin and Sarah Palin books for friends and enemies, make the perfect gifts! Other gifts that will be talked about in later entries, and I even took the time to get a few of the things people wanted. Trust me that is a new revelation for me. All this Christmas cheer could get to me and force me to actually wrap gifts! Ok maybe not, and besides the kids take bets on what kind of trash bags I will use to wrap their gifts from year to year anyway. Hey, you all do your Christmas traditions and leave mine alone! The only thing I have to worry about is the stuff to fill the kids stalkings with, but let's be real, Walgreens is 24 hours and they have the best cheap stalking crap anyway, so that is just an “on the way home from work” type of thing.

As well Christmas will hopefully be identical to the previous years, or at least the tradition of everyone coming over and my cooking them breakfast appears to be on the slate. The hardest part as always is getting them all to leave so I can get in my strict regimen of at least 6 hours of daily isolation interrupted often by children fighting. Christmas never seems to eliminate that part, and most of the time it only enhances it. Unlike the glorious global warming years I can't send the kids outside to blow off the steam either. I'm burning piles of tires as fast as I can anyway in hopes that I can reverse the “Global Climate Change” that somehow is far less appealing than the old mantra. If we can keep the power on then it will still be a plus, because last I checked murdering your family is still illegal in New Hampshire. Meanies!

With that I will keep this entry short, so that everyone {ok all 6 or 7 of you} can get your constitution up for the revelry that I hope the remainder of the Christmas countdown will be. I will say ahead of time that I am even more proud of this year's crop than any I have ever done, and that is saying something since I always say that and I always mean it, so I hope you all have your shopping done and are hunkering down for another merry Christmas. From me to you, and all of yours too, Merry Christmas from The Crow ;8o)

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