Friday, December 25, 2009

The Jeremy Crow Christmas Countdown 2009 #1

Another Christmas in the can, so to say, and the kids are merrily working on breaking all their new things as I am working on wrapping up this year's Christmas Countdown. It's a bit of a relief to not have to put a Christmas slant on everything I put in my blog from here on out to be honest with you. The possibility that I had over done it, is definitely there. The advantages are that I have found other places to post my writings anywhere which might be a bonus, for those that get sick of my hyper political rants, and less life affirming ones. Nothing to get too crazy about though because I am after all me, and nothing is going to change that.

My gifts this year included, slippers, a strange clock, models cars, a Blue Ray Disc player, food, a home made kazoo, money, and several gift cards. My kids gifts are too numerous to even get into, but in kid terms it was a damn good haul. We can all say what we want to, but this really is what Christmas is all about when you are under the age of say 30. I understand the significance of Christmas as a religious holiday and all, and I have even done more than my fair share to promote it as an American Holiday, but what it all comes down to is spending time with your family and having a good go of spoiling the kids. I hope that everyone reading this had those opportunities. If not, it should just give you goals for next year. All of my goals were met and that was a success in my eyes.

These goals weren't just limited to the holiday and the family either. I had set out some pretty lofty goals for my writing as well. I wanted to make sure that I made up for last year's Christmas Countdown debacle {Part 2 Part 3} which yeilded a great story but drove me out of my mind getting it out there, and hopefully regain what I use to be pretty good at. I think I did that. I may not have the sheer numbers of readers I once had, but I definitely have the quality. I faced the adversity of my computer completely dying on the first day of the wonderful three part finale {Part 2 Part 3} that I had written ahead of time for this year, and was still able to charge the whole thing out there. No small feat considering the way I write to even recapture the thoughts in my own stories. It beats sitting in 5 degrees with no electricity as I did last year, and I think the people around me were rather shocked that I could handle the loss of my best friend {My Computer} just days ago, and not really even let it phase me. As I pointed out, it could be worse and had been.

I think it's rather interesting that I was listening to Manheim Steamroller's Christmas on the radio, and the host brought up a rather well overplayed myth in America. More American's commit suicide this time of the year than any other time. Feel free to look it up on Snopes, but it's just another one of those things that gets thrown around to try and make people feel bad for enjoying their holidays. I can throw my own personal experience into this is a form of slant to prove it, which also came to my mind. This is officially my twenty fourth strait Christmas that I haven't had anything to drink. For someone like myself that is a modern miracle, and the simple math would put that back to when I was fifteen years old. Those that know me well, know that I just passed my twentieth year of continuous sobriety by the grace of God. If those numbers don't compute there is a good reason for it. I tried getting myself sober for years before I finally did it. I had been to rehab, I had been to crisis centers and other forms of programs to get sober and it had spotty periods of nearly working. Christmas was never one of the times where it looked “sketchy” because almost anyone can muster the courage to white knuckle their way through something that has the perception of being a good and valid reason for existence. It was always the innocuous days that had no personal meaning whatsoever that got me, and despite my favorite methods of slowly killing myself I appear to be “normal” in those respects.

I found out some other rather interesting things {and I know the person I am about to bring up is reading this so ..} which goes along the lines of those nasty politics and rhetoric that I get chastised for. It appears that my one relative that I can always count on to be my adversary in the political arena, find that the people he voted for are ruining his holidays in the exact same way, and for the exact same reasons that they are ruining mine. I was kind enough to not even bring up the fact that “elections have consequences” and was happy that I had given him Mark Levin's “Liberty and Tyranny” for Christmas. Leather bound and autographed to boot! There may be hope there, but it does go to prove a point that the most ardent haters out there won't acknowledge. The tides are changing and it has nothing to do with the people that are promoting the issues that this administration has. As my grandfather used to say, “You order shit, you eat shit” and there are a lot of people wondering why they have a plate full of shit and would like a refund. I couldn't change their mind before, but you know its getting pretty bad when a political adversary is telling you what you knew for a while. Scary part about it all was his awakening was at the same time as mine and started with a police action in Cambridge. These are the types of “small victories” that only seem to come out at the holidays as well. Now if I can just get through to more than one of the people that attack my choice of reading at the bookstore, I'll call it a year!

Now my overall goal for the weekend is simple. I have some people I need to reunite with, I have to pick up a few Blue Ray Discs, and I desperately need to get a coffee. The one thing I hate about “the big holidays” is that I am forced to drink the stuff that I make and turns out black, but doesn't resemble coffee in the least. Its a small price to pay I assume for the lessons I learn along the way even if “making coffee” isn't one of them .. From me and mine, to you and yours, Merry Christmas, and if that offends you, what the hell brought you here? ;8oD


  1. Sounds like all in all Christmas was a good time, even with the sludge you call coffee. LOL Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  2. Oh yeah .. really no complaints on this end .. who would have seen THAT coming LOL