Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Jeremy Crow Christmas Countdown 2009 #8

I think the most dangerous thing that goes on in this country is the stripping of Christianity from the lexicon. I don't say this as a right wing whacko, hell bent on succumbing everyone to the cross either, because if the truth be told I happen to be a secularist, despite my Doctorate in Theology and my reverend status in the Southern Baptist church. Many probably just read that and were shocked to find out those things about me, and others just read it knowing it outright already. The reason for this is the obviously secular nature of how I write. In the same vein I always reserve the right to jump in and out of any religious debate and feel that I don't have to prove my secularism every time I decide to justify the presence of Christianity, or anything else for that matter. I have earned my “Get out of Hell free card” whenever some idiot throws the “Hater” tag on me, because I just am not.

The point I am making here is that without radical Christian beliefs this country doesn't exist. There are a lot of revisionists that want to tie the very words that are most often used in Christianity to hate speech, and stand up on a pyre to ban them from every office on public land. This is a complete bastardization of the first amendment, but I digress, they can have that, I don't care. Completely ripping religion and religious holidays that are “popular” like Christmas and Easter out of the sight of the American public is more dangerous than being forced to look at them if you are an anti-religious zealot. The point in hand is the zealotry and what it causes and creates in every factor of life. Without getting all political in a Christmas Countdown entry, we see zealotry of a secular nature every day in this country and the people that seek to impose it on everyone more often than not are the ones that desperately try to deny any sort of Christ in Christmas idolatry today. There is a correlation, so it is disingenuous to scream foul on one or the other, aside from the fact that most people have a dog in either fight.

Now getting back to the original point, there was four completely distinct America's in the thirteen original colonies for well near two centuries before the Revolutionary war. The original colonies around Virginia were Christian in nature but based on business interests in England using indentured servitude, then slavery to form societies. I bring up slavery because it did play a large part in the Theological interests of what I am writing, and the big issue in Colonial Chesapeake society was Christian conversion of slaves and whether ownership of a Christian was viable. In a lot of circumstances around that area, slaves were “freed” when they became Christian, and that should be noted. It should also be noted that a lot of “Masters” kept their slaves ignorant for that very reason. These people are not innocent despite their beliefs. They could even be worse that the Carolina contingent that I explain next.

The Carolina's were not exactly “English” when they were formed, and actually were formed with slavery brought in with it. These were West Indians who not only got off the ships, slaves in tow, but had come to the Americas to install slave communities for creating food and other goods to prop up the West Indies sugar production. There were no moral issues involved with their slave needs, and ownership. They simply went back to the feudal/Roman belief that people owned slaves and that was the way life was. You could go back to a millennium of Roman writing and NEVER see a single thing written about moral dilemma in slavery, even from the slaves themselves. By today's standards this seems rather idiotic, but at this point in time, it was an acceptable norm, and despite the “color” of American slaves being black, there were far more white slaves in Europe than black ones in America.

You had the Native American {Injuns for those that aren't exactly PC}, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, and anyone else that falls under the category of “other” in the original thirteen colonies. I do this because by the time of the Revolutionary war they were either irrelevant through integration, or had joined “the British” and were irrelevant through their acknowledgment of a government other than that that became the United States. Again they are lumped together because the basis of Christianity and the formation of America are the point that this background is leading up to.

Now we get to the most important part of the formation of this country as we know it. The North, especially in the New England states. This country in general was, and still is dominated by this group of people that we affectionately remember coming over on the Mayflower and barely surviving the harsh New England winters. As they came over as "families" instead of just workers they spread out amazingly fast, and populated New England within a few deaceds. In general we allow THEM to be overshadowed by the bad in everyone else in the attempt to re-write the basis of American superiority, but they had become the majority in such a fast manner that ignoring them is intentional ignorance. These people were poor, completely anti-slavery, communal, and religious zealots of a kind we barely understand today. Like other societies in America they evolved but their core beliefs were ingrained into who they were for the next century and a half. Yes there were slaves in New England but it didn't stem from the core of the
New England lexicon. I like to remind most people today that the worst natures of New England beliefs are still watered and growing today as we work to socialize everything in this country at an alarming rate, while promoting radicalism.

Despite the battlefields as they had gone from the north to the south in the Revolutionary war it is still important to note that it was the North, and the descendants of these people that escalated the war for independence beyond the point of return. It was their belief of universal freedom that had broken the resolve of the rest of the more loyalist American colonies, and this came from the innate belief that all human rights were given to them by GOD. It also added to the most important reason that America won it's independence, and that was the complete zealotry that the Greater United Kingdom had completely forgotten was there. In the beginning most American settlers were sent to America for being a pain in the British ass. Either too lazy, or too religious, or too criminally inclined, but in general the things that British Parliament and the Kings would rather forget happened in British society. An excellent example of this was the way Britain fought its wars. Occupy a city and then use the city's leaders houses as your staging bases. In European society this gave you a measure of security because rich Europeans would be loath to attack their own houses. In American zealot society it meant that they knew exactly what houses to bombard with cannon fire, and the British NEVER caught on to this, even in the final battles around the Chesapeake bay. The last orders the Marquise de Lafayette took from Thomas J. Nelson was “Aim at that house there. The British Generals will have made good use of it because its mine,” and just like when John Hancock had demanded that they bring the torch to his properties earlier in the war, Nelson was right. By today's standards this type of zealotry would be thought insane, but it is part of why America is a nation.

Now in the same vein, I would never demand that anyone BE Christian, and that was also a very large part of America. The ongoing war with Islam {and I'm sorry people I read history, so I'm not easily gulled into religion of peace arguments. It's not worth it.} which outright demands subservience, and the war with the climate scandal people, haven't changed my secular ideology, it has only strengthened my ability to speak truth to power. Life is never a moratorium on “true Democracy” because it works almost as bad as communism. Both will inevitably remove religion, and you can always fall back on the theory that in time there will always be more idiots than educated. The old saying of “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on lunch plans, and a Republic is a well armed Lamb demanding a re-vote,” is the very reason that Christmas and other religious holidays that are also secular holidays need to be preserved, and in their proper form. The assaults on God are based on the whole need for the “majority” to be destroyed in the name of progress. Through the use of hyper legalities, there is always a “more equal” faction that can be exploited, and be “not equal” and “more equal” at the same time. Look at the nation of black America that people like I am not allowed to talk about, but Jessie Jackson is. I have never personally met a black person who appreciates anything Jackson, or Sharpton says. Revisionism requires that peaceful religions that preach equality have to be destroyed FIRST. This is when the very people angry at my 200 year old theories try to interject how Christians are bad because of what happened 200 years ago so you can see why I get self righteous about everything.

We all kinda know how the story went from there. The country fought another war with Britain because of Impressment mostly, but also because America thought Britain was weak with Napolean being a pest on the other continent. We then went on to fight it out with Mexico because of a band of criminals, but mostly to show off newly found American power, but then the big one came along, and again the Christian zealotry on both sides was amazing. The Northern Communal Theocracy had pretty much dominated the north. Slavery through Christian idealism was for the most part abolished, and through electing a “liberal” government a war broke out with the southern part of America. There there was the “other” version of Christian idealism that I had described before. The “Slavery is just part of life” and part of the “Slavery is ok unless they become Christian” crowd were ready to do war with the “Slavery is bad” and a larger segment of the “Slavery is ok unless they become Christian” faction. In the end two things were proven. The “Christian Work Ethic, that defined slavery as BAD” was stronger than the “Christian Elite Ethic that defined slavery as a RIGHT” and all the “Southern Lost Cause Theory” doesn't change that fact. The Northern Christian idealism did completely create a scenario that could win another war, and unify this country into the United States of America. YOU CAN NOT LUMP THEM ALL TOGETHER, and only a disingenuous person hell bent on destroying an institution would,

This Christmas, I will as I always do, spend time with my family. My kids and the scattered relatives within driving distance will come here for breakfast and open presents. I will show my good will by getting up VERY early for me and making the best breakfast for everyone in my power to do so. I know that Jesus being born on December twenty fifth is totally made up, and I know that Christmas is a relatively new holiday, made up by English writers and adopted by AMERICANS damnit! That is the whole point! For those that celebrate the holiday worshiping presents and family, that is great! Those that celebrate it in church and worshiping Jesus, that's great too! For my Jewish friends that have come over to my house to help us celebrate our holiday and enjoy the company, that is great! {This of course includes the Jewish friend who gave me the inspiration for this post, when he said “I am forever indebted to Christians for making this country”} Most importantly though, this holiday is for everyone that knows, Christmas is an American holiday, paid for by zealous Christian blood, and for that alone I am eternally grateful. ;8o)