Monday, November 30, 2009

Prelude to Christmas Countdown 2009: #10

Well in a prelude to this years build up to the Christmas countdown I want to just say that it's been another interesting year. I found myself being completely disenchanted with politics, and in turn becoming hyper aware of politics. I got to the point where I couldn't even write because I wanted to do nothing more than scream at the jackass that occupies the white house, and rant even further about his jackass friends. Many people might find it hard to believe since I did come charging out the front doors with something close to hatred at the current political structure in this country, but many who know me will say that I have a pretty long history of doing my best to be non-political, or at best only humorous about it. This changes when a person feels threatened by his own government though.

Of course I did end up throwing out my opinions in a constructive manner, and then was able to get over a lot of the things that prevented me from writing but it was nearly a year long writers block, that was very serious until I got it out of my system. Sadly I hate to inform a few people that we all evolve for whatever reason, and our abilities either flourish, or hinder based on how our outlook on life happens to be. A few good examples of this would be say Tom Cruise, who the average person has a hard time taking seriously anymore because his religious views have become to “out there” in more ways than one, Whoopie Goldberg who became far more hypocritical than funny, and perhaps Ted Nugent, who went from Gonzo to way Gonzo. I don't know where I fall into all of this but I am after all human, and hope to have some bright spots in between all of my rantings.

My Christmas shopping is actually ALL DONE. I'm quite frankly scared because it was too easy. I had ordered autographed books for most of the adults in my life, and thought I was clever, but when I was out and about buying coffee and other things on Black Friday I had noticed that all the stores were empty. A twenty minute walk in to Wal-Mart, GNC, and Kohls finished my shopping outright. In and of itself that should be a rather strange moratorium on today's economy, but at the same time might mean that the public is more scared than they even let on. Keep in mind despite my right wing whacko-ism I happen to live in a very “this country is just peachy now” looney left region of the country. Their shopping habits on Black Friday would tend to make it look like they know a little better than they let on wouldn't it?

With Christmas shopping done I had also gotten the hard work out if the way as far as inter-family relations go. This last week was my vacation and the second half of it, the kids were all staying with their maternal side of the family. These people tend to avoid the kids since I don't allow them to be indoctrinated in the manner that created the little monster that is their mother. If you don't tow the sick cycle carousel, then you for the most part get ostracized but I have no tolerance for all the bullshit that had potentially ruined my children's lives from the get go. The kids do get unhappy only seeing their “other” family so in-frequently, but their “other” family has no respect for the amount of time it takes to heal the kids after they are around them either. This time was a bit different because as they get older you can talk to them about it all so much easier, and the oldest one isn't so easily gulled by it either. In the end I am forced to just hold my nose and send them off as a peace offering and pay my dues as their father to spend time talking truth to fiction afterward. Here's looking forward to next year!

As far as all of that goes I have the busy jobs of getting the kids acclimated for the Christmas holidays. This can be really harrowing on such little minds that can barely handle all of the excitement. I'm hoping I am up for the task, because I would be lying if I said I have always handled it like a pro. I do my best in the legal argument of “Loved v. Spoiled” but often resort to simply taking away things that were bad choices to give children in the first place. Take for example digital cameras. God they break quickly and before they are they are used to drive people nuts. I won't be making that mistake this year, but lord knows I will find something else that “in theory” is a great idea, but turns into an epic fail as the days move past Christmas. I did mention that I was human, I hope?

So in the next month I will do what I usually do, since my Christmas blogs tend to be pretty popular, and blend in “best of” with new ones to give me more time to deal with the actual month of December. Some of the older ones are still worth reading and showed some of my best creativity, or in other words I am quite proud of them. I will most likely start with my most popular blogs to date, which still make me and a few other people smile. Don't worry if you don't know the names involved, just know that they were an integral part of my “growing up” process that I have been working on for the last few years, even if it seemed like I was nowhere near becoming an adult at the time. In my own special way I have loved each and every friend, passing acquaintance, girlfriend, wife, and often family member that have graced this blog, and hope to do so for as long as I can remember my own name. Don't laugh cuz Lord knows that could change any day now ;8o)


  1. I do love the "best of" as I am sort of biased when it comes to the one with me and Elonna ;) My shopping is almost done...lucky you!

  2. Yeah a lot of people seem to be biased towards those :)