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Consequence Theory - Volume 1

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When I was in college there was a group of women that formed a group called ARC {against rape culture} which had gotten through to the enlightened hierarchy of my University and somehow had gotten some concessions from them. I can’t even really explain to this day what makes a looney University make decisions, that impact the student body, but back in the late 80’s and early 90’s women’s groups were able to bully liberal establishment into all kinds of things. ARC was no different and had gotten the University to decide that athletes were all potential rapists, and because of this alone anyone that participated on sports teams was to go to ARC sponsored plays. Unfortunately young men in their late teens and early twenties tend to be a bit hard to indoctrinate, and it got a bit rowdy.

Needless to say, as a hockey player I still subscribe to the belief that we were more intelligent that football players, and I use this day as an example of this. Now my university was a hockey school, and football was simply a necessary evil that most universities carry to keep the fall sports active, but the hockey teams were forced to watch the ARC presentations on “Date Rape” with the football players. Needless to say there were too reasons that football players went to this school, and aside from the obvious “less talent” there were a few of the “aren’t smart enough” that were there as well. The hockey team was there to get it over with and the football team was there to, well who knows, they got about as bored as a 3 year old in a grocery store, and started acting up. I won’t go into their comments, but they were pretty lewd, and the play was forced to stop, and everyone in attendance was given a formal reprimand.

Now to be fair the reprimands were fair. The football team were given theirs for inciting the riot, and the hockey team was given theirs for finishing the riot {out front and with a lot of damage, and a few football players that missed the finals due to injuries} and the university was forced to hand out punishments. Of course the “more equals” in the whiney left wing female contingent that actually started this whole problem got to “assist” in the punishment phase of the entire debacle, and they chose punishments that would help the males understand their plight better. Some of it was worthwhile {or so it should have been}, as those that either had dietician and strength courses {foods & dudes .. the choice of most athletes} could help with “Project Self Esteem” {a program Pamela Smart made famous, but not exactly for the course}, ROTC students could help with “Project Light Tower” {Think of a Mall Cop on a bike}, the Horticultural students could help with stable duties, and there was the last group who had the safety certifications to teach self defense courses.

I personally was cursed with two different paths that I could have gone here. I was working towards either a Pre-Med or an Anthropological major {neither of which factored into my life later on} and I was also a rotten little bastard throughout my teen years, which drove me into safety related education in my High School years. Needless to say my “Foods & Dudes” combined with my black belt in two disciplines of martial arts forced me into “self defense” courses for coeds. In reality I didn’t mind all that much because we did have some issues on the campus with women being assaulted, and after I got the “rotten bastard” years out of my system I tended to be more “enlightened” in my thinking and thought I could do some good. There’s nothing like a pile of lunatic feminists to change any enlightenment that a young man happens to have in him, but when I was young and dumb I did things that were young and dumb.

I could have followed the “mandated” class curriculum that was given to me by the ARC Nazis, but I found a lot of it to be stupid. Here is where I implied the simple rules that I have lived most of my life by called “Consequence Theory.” You most likely won’t find any good articles on it, and to be honest with you all I can’t even remember if it was something I learned in rehab, or it was something that came to me in my own delusions but I have worked it into just about everything that requires a judgment call. Consequence Theory simplifies almost everything in this world by changing complicated percentages into a 50 – 50 situation at all times. A good example that I had taught my oldest daughter at a young age was “Sex is always a 50% proposition. Either you get pregnant or you don’t. Either you catch a disease or you don’t. Your chances are always 50% no matter what they tell you,” and then of course I would tell her how inherently birth control, disease control percentages factored by this or that still boils down to two consequences and at that point it is 50 – 50. It sounds simplistic but if you met my beautiful 17 year old daughter you’d be shocked at how prudish and conservative she is.

I taught these classes {Friday nights} for only 2 weeks of the 8 I was supposed to. The first class I dispelled “myths” that drive me nuts. Look for weapons in your purse {that make noise and alert your attacker where to block}, aim for sensitive areas {yeah like a knee in the groin doesn’t always work on someone sick enough to do the evil you are trying to avoid} and I went as far as to say that by the end of the first class I would give every woman the tools necessary to feel powerful. This I figured would be the truth. I like the truth! Almost everyone in the class liked the truth! The truth at the end of the class was based on Consequence theory. An attacker has got to understand the 50 – 50 chance that they face when they attack someone, and it is easier to educate someone past the timidity that they probably suffer. In other words there is a 50 – 50 chance that this person is going to do something really bad to you. Under those guidelines, you are under no obligation to understand the feelings and emotions of the attacker, and you are not under any obligation to worry about what you do to them.

Now of course I would tell them all of the “approved” methods of identifying an attacker. I thought at the time that showing an attacker that you are probably on to them changes their Consequence Theory to she is prepared for me and might be able to stop me or she is prepared for me and she can’t stop me. Cross the street and walk the other way. This at the time was the universal sign for “you’re creeping me out, and I am frightened” and the average man decides to accept this and understand or not understand this and antagonize. In the event that you cannot realistically get to a public place with people in it, then you would have to prepare for your own Consequence Theory. If this person is out to harm me, will I let them or will I not let them. Here’s where I went off the approved methodology as I told them that in my opinion nobody should ever lose that power, and after we had a short discussion it became apparent that most women there didn’t believe that you ever recovered from an attack. This was then HUGE no no according to the feminist agenda at the school. The, Run, Scream, Pray Theory was their chosen method.

I un-apologetically told the women in the class that running with anything other than sneakers on was bordering silly assuming that the average attacker has dressed more appropriately for their violence. At first there was a bit of timidity, but also a LOT of agreement. I asserted that the attacker had his 50 – 50 Consequence, whether he had thought of it or not IS NOT your fault. I didn’t mix words, when I said that the groin is off limits because all men in a mood to commit evil prepare for that, but what no man ever thinks of is the most fragile and most disabling part of their body, and that would be the throat. A shot to the throat with whatever you have in you will at the very least, stun an attacker, and at best kill them. We then started working on the various shots that a woman could do on the throat of an attacker for the rest of the class with the breathing dummies I had commandeered from my EMT classes. I know it sounds brutal, but life isn’t easy, and there is no reason anyone should be at the mercy of a stronger attacker. The class ended, and there were 17 women that left feeling pretty good about themselves. There were 18 women in the class so that left 1 to be the tattle tale.

There were a few ARCers and their Peer leader at the next scheduled class. Can I tell you how stupid I was considering I had never dealt with a screaming ninny of a feminist before? I mean my mother is a total feminist dipshit but she abandoned me when I was 5 with my father, and I only had to deal with her insanity for a week or so a year. I actually thought they were there to commend me for my genuine genius and intuition. They were probably going to proclaim me an honorary woman and perhaps build a statue for me in front of the school. I should have been neutered at a younger age because that was what I got that night. They were furious with me for teaching women to act like “savages” and bring problems upon themselves. I can’t even tell you the fear I had watching many of the women in the room try to defend me and shrink into the corner by mere glances from the feminist leadership at that school. I never had to deal with this amongst high school girls, but now I was an adult and I was getting my education. Unfortunately I was getting it in more ways than one.

I actually schlepped through the rest of my freshman year avoiding any of these kooks, but had managed to get through the next round of ARC plays without incident. The football players were forced to see the plays with the lacrosse team {who also kicked their asses} and I for the most part simply treated women with the fear that a good man should. I didn't become overly jaded from my first experience with “the women's movement” but I never took it seriously again. To be fair, some of my strongest {and most divisive} ideals have come from listening to the thoughts of women around me. Some good, some bad like the example of my mother who is militantly Pro-Choice in contrast to the women I married who were militant Pro-Life. The arguments on both sides easily helped me form the strong Pro-Life stance I take now. Watching women around me and how they deal with other women also gave me the views that would be considered sexist by idiots, and enlightened by realists.

Now as I watch women in the political landscape around me becoming the best solutions to a country gone mad, I tend to use my voice to speak truth to power that many would say I have no right to do. I very vocally advocate a woman's right to choose things that go against the norm. I grow ever increasingly aggravated at the misogyny that happens in the left wing of this country. Using “old world” ways to bash a woman down for displaying blatant conservatism is NOT COOL. This is {as I go on and on about} a methodology of controlling the thoughts of women across this country that are slowly but surely gaining a greater voice. Not through women like the Femisogynists that I dealt with in college but by women and men who are fed up with the victimization of women who step outside a media controlled “box” ;8o)

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