Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Jeremy Crow Christmas Countdown 2008: #1

Well I guess it depends on what you actually find amusing, and what you do not. I do know that I am willing to say that I grew a lot over the last year, and it was probably for the better. I know quite a few people probably miss my tales of misery over the stupidest things but realistically I don’t. That in and of itself has got to be the best news to my sick and suffering ears, but let’s be honest here, I have had misery this year, and it just doesn’t faze me for some reason. Christmas came and went relatively uneventful, and that would easily put it in my top five Christmas’s of all time. It was all that time around it, and the reason why this blog is almost two weeks late, but that will come in time.

Again a run-down of my wonderful year’s end, would start in November and follow us strait into the new year. November my grandmother and the rest of the family got so sick that it exhausted all of my savings. I got no sleep at all for almost two weeks until I finally got my grandmother into the hospital, and got the kids off to my former in-laws so that I could start the reconstruction of the miserable shell of me, my finances, and my house, to start December. December found me in destitution, and through more work hours than I would ever want to admit, I got caught up. That was when the power went out, and we were all forced to huddle around a fireplace for five days {and need I remind you I can barely handle these people as it is} and with that I went hard into debt again. The power came back on, went back out, came back on and went back out. It was a rotten ten days, but oh well, I got through it. I started my Christmas countdown in the nick of time, wrote a decent enough three-parter for the finale, had to work too much again through it all, and was all set for my usual Christmas finale. That was when I got up Christmas morning to find out that all the rolling grey outs had fried BOTH of my beloved 19 inch flat screen monitors.

This time last year that would have crushed me. My cyber life was practically over. I would have had to run out and spend the last 300$ worth of credit that I had left to replace them, and I would have been miserable. I found that this year I just didn’t have it in me to give a crap. Perhaps it wasn’t as much not giving a crap as it was, I ain’t getting an ulcer over it. I found a couple of old monitors in the house and hooked them up, and started writing. Within two paragraphs it started hurting my eyes, and that would have been the ultimate blow to force me to run out and buy a couple of monitors and be damned the expense! Nope I guess it was a raging case of I don’t give a crap, because I didn’t. I just decided I wouldn’t write until I got new monitors. Simple enough huh? Well not exactly, because I hadn’t really realized how many people actually do pay attention to me, and it was a steady stream of people who were concerned for my well being, who had found my cell phone number here or there, but in any case, I still wasn’t getting an ulcer over it.

Soooooooooooo I was adjusting my finances in my spare time so that I could replace the monitors, and my stupid Zune died. Now on top of everything this created a far more vital necessity that would require me to put myself in debt to replace the stupid thing. I loved that thing for the first few weeks and then it started tripping out on me every other day, then daily, then hourly, then poof! The problem here is that without my Zune I was forced to listen to the logic of the various idiots that I work with. I hadn’t realized how important Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins, Stu Redmond, Straker, Belgarian, Sir Sparhawk, and various other characters in my audiobooks had become to keeping me sane when I was surrounded by morons. Within days of having to listen to the people I work with I could actually feel my IQ dropping like a dead satellite! I tried to use that stupid IPOD and reality of that sunk in when it would only play the chapters it wanted to, and infrequently at that. UGH!

I started writing a bit on my laptop but wanted to wait until this entire saga was over which would be today, for the most part. I found a place online that would sell me two Dell 19 inch widescreen monitors, and send me a free 4gig Sony Walkman Digital Media Player for 249$. This was my Christmas present to myself this year. With shipping and handling the whole shebang cost me 257.98$ and more importantly, I didn’t order it until all of my credit cards were at 0, my car insurance was paid for the year, my cell phone bill was paid, and the refrigerator, was full. My entire debt balance is 134.69$ because on the first of the year I got my 1 percent rebate put into my credit card for all of last years purchases, and I hate to have to admit it, but this might have been the Christmas that I finally grew up. Here’s hoping that next year I can finish it all up with a black pen instead of a red pen, but all in all I did pretty damn good, even if I don’t have the balls to say that it couldn’t be any worse. Besides i think I am ahead of the game here, because these new monitors have swivels so you can view them sideways, and with one in wide mode, and the other in tall mode, this has been the easiest writing I have ever done ;8o)